Airing our dirty laundry (room)

There are plenty of spaces I’ve posted about a lot (our kitchen, back stairs, our new bathroom, etc.) and then there are rooms that are noticeably absent from blog posts to-date.  One room that I use all the time but have never posted about is our laundry “room” down in the basement.  I put room in quotes since technically the space has walls:

laundry room before 1

But only one side (picture above) is actually finished.  The rest look like this:

laundry room before 2

As you can see the whole room is a mess of pipes and cords and more of the awful yellow paint that was EVERYWHERE when we moved in.  I have nothing against yellow in theory, but it is not a good color for a poorly lit basement.  Eerie doesn’t even begin to describe this shade at night.

Of course I’d love to do a complete remodel of our very ugly basement, but that’s just not in the cards (as in credit cards…) right now–especially given that we got totally flooded last spring and we’d have to pay a TON of money to have a sump pump put in and do some serious water proofing.  So we’re making do with what we have for at least several years.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t spruce up the space a bit.  DH and I split house chores pretty evenly, and laundry is really my thing.  I actually really like doing the laundry, even though I’m sure that’s pretty strange to many people!   I really appreciated the convenience of the “laundry room” we installed at our condo; now at the new house, trekking all the way to the basement every time I need to do a load of laundry is already getting old, especially because there’s often obstacle course of stuff to navigate, and then I arrive at the less than lovely room itself.

So to inspire myself and make doing the laundry a bit more enjoyable I’ve worked up a mood board for the room:

laundry room mood board

I started with the one thing that I’m probably not going to be able to change (the dark green painted concrete floor) and went from there, including choosing a soothing light gray for the walls and layering in some textiles and different textures.  Down the road I know we may finish off the basement or do a more major overhaul of the space, but for now I’d like to do a big-impact mini-makeover that makes the space feel more “me” and less “garish yellow.”  For the unfinished walls, I thought putting up some beadboard would be a nice touch (and less messy than installing drywall!).  Here are some of the other elements I’m considering:

laundry room mood board with numbers

1. This adorable kitchen cart from IKEA.  I love love love the shape and the smooth steel would nicely complement the washer and dryer.  It would be really helpful storage-wise as well!

2. Functional sturdy wall shelves in white.  I’d put these above the washer and dryer to store laundry room essentials, and perhaps some cute decor items as well.

3. Some cute etsy art in teal or turquoise (I’ve got my eye on these right now, but we’ll see how I’m feeling when I finally get around to ordering some!).

4.  A curtain for the window in a fun suzani print that would pick up on the wall and floor color and coordinate with the pop of turquoise in the IKEA cart.

5. Some (faux) greenery like these inexpensive pots I’ve gotten at IKEA for other spaces.  I feel like a plant or two would do wonders to perk up the space.

6. A wide striped rug in an indoor/outdoor fabric (in case we get flooded again and the floor gets wet!) like this one from Dash & Albert.

7. Some pretty seagrass baskets to add texture and functional storage.

8.  Replace the bare bulb with (a hopefully inexpensive) DIY barn light type pendant in a fun color like mint or aqua.

I figure that if I write a blog post about the space and share the mood board, I’ll have more motivation to actually get the space done.  Now that this board is out there, there’s no going back, right?  I’m really excited to get started.  The basement is nice and cool and the weather is heating up, so I won’t mind at all spending some time down there!




5 thoughts on “Airing our dirty laundry (room)

    • I’ve definitely thought about that–although the though of having to move the washer/dryer is pretty intimidating! I suppose if we ever need to get new machines we could paint the floor before the new ones get installed!


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