More Flor + new pillows

Time for some more living room updates!  This time I’m covering something that isn’t very new at all and something that is hot off the press.

Last year DH and I were desperate to find a rug for our living room space before it got too cold, but struggled a lot because of the awkward layout of the space (which you can see pretty well in the whole-house floor plan I put together the other day to show how the new deck relates to the house):

New Deck LayoutTurns out we needed about a 8’x8′ square rug to demarcate the sitting area–but rugs in that size are actually pretty hard to find!  We finally decided to try some Flor carpet tiles, since we used them in our awkwardly shaped mudroom and have loved them!

FLOR tiles in mudroomWe landed on beige tile with a subtle pattern/texture which we thought would be perfect for the space both color-wise and size-wise:

Flor Tiles - living roomThis picture also shows an alternate layout for our space. This is how we often lay out the room when we have weekend guests–we pull the slipper chairs in for a cozy seating area.  It impedes traffic flow from the front door a tiny bit, but usually when we have guests we’re not coming in and out from that door very often so it usually works well!  But back to the “rug.”  Although we had high hopes for this one we’ve been pretty underwhelmed.  The tiles themselves are fine, but they aren’t very plush, and since we sometimes use that space for doing floor exercises, a cushier rug would be really nice.  Plus, we’re really not digging the color unfortunately.  It is a bit too much of a warm beige and honestly, I think it pretty rather terrible with the rest of the cooler tones in the room.  We should have ordered a sample before ordering all the tiles!  Oh well, live and learn, right?

I’ve learned that even though I was worried about adding more pattern to the space since I love to play with patterns with accent pillows, I now know that I really do prefer a more boldly patterned rug!  I do have my eye on this one right now that comes in the square size we need.  We’ll have to see though since there are other things we need to save up our dollars for!

The other (and much newer) update to the space is that I finally got around to using up the rest of the fabulous fabric I used to make a shade for our front window:

new entryway shade

I made some new pillow covers for our living room couch!

CIMG4965This works out nicely since the front door is just a few feet from the couch in the living room and having the same pattern in both places ties the spaces together nicely!  I used the same envelope closure I’ve used for many, many pillows in our place because it is pretty quick and easy (step-by-step instructions can be found here).

So there are the recent (and not so recent) living room updates.  The pillows are definitely staying, but I think the rug will likely need find a new home before too long!




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