May 2014 review!

Is anyone else astounded by how June snuck (sneaked?) up on us this year?  I can’t believe 2014 is almost half over!  I also can’t believe that we’re finally getting some summer weather here in Chicago.  I was starting to think we were doomed to have snow year-round!  Now that June is here I wanted to do a quick review of May’s posts in case you missed something.  I had fewer than normal posts this May–things were crazy with work, traveling for work, and gearing up for the S-bean’s birthday party–so this will be a quick review!

I started off the month with an overdue post about the fab leaf-motif curtains I picked up for a song for the dining room–but that ended up in the “everything room” upstairs:

upstairs curtains 1

I then very excitedly posted about the plans we’ve been working on since November to create a new more functional (and more stable!) side deck just in time for summer (technically the project still isn’t done–don’t get me started…):

New Deck Layout

Then came a little inspiration post about what I’d like to do with our still-very-ugly-and-only-half-finished basement laundry room:

laundry room mood board

Another post mid-month was one of my favorite projects, although it was much less exciting to blog about than some of my other recent projects.  I did a feature on the re-organization and makeover of our filing cabinet:


Finally, another living room update featuring Flor rug tiles and some handmade pillows:

There you have it–May’s monthly review.  Now I’m ready for summer!





I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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