Elfa hack update

Some of you that follow this blog may have wondered what the heck happened to the media den DH and I had been work on for him in our basement.  And you would be right to wonder since my last post was just a teaser post in early November–here’s DH staining our DIY shelves out in the garage back in November!

staining DIY shelves

The plan has always been to create a wall of shelving for DH’s extensive CD collection using an Elfa frame and some DIY’d shelves (since Elfa shelves for the whole thing would be CRAZY expensive!):

Elfa Hack

Since that time we have continued to work towards making the media den dream a reality, but several things have prevented us from making real progress.  The major thing that derailed us was our master bathroom complete gut job.  The pipes and wiring for the bathroom pass right through the media room, so the folks working on the bathroom had to remove the ceiling tiles in the media den and install pipes and do a bunch of other crazy stuff.  And oh boy, the mess!

Once the dust settled we tried again, back in early January, to pick up where we left off by attempting to put the ceiling tiles back into place and talking to an electrician about getting some much-needed lighting into the room.  But then, the ceiling tiles would not go in.  I mean we tried everything to get them back in.  We finally brought in a ceiling expert to see if he could help us out and he pointed out that the grid for the drop ceiling was installed incorrectly–perpendicular to how it was supposed to be installed.  That’s essentially what the electrician told us too–and that he couldn’t really install cans into the ceiling the way it had been installed.

So we got some quotes for a new ceiling for the space and what we though would be a rather inexpensive project turned out to cost at least $1500.  And that was for an ugly drop ceiling that we were going to hate anyway.  Ugh.  So DH and I took a break and considered our options (do we remove the ceiling entirely? come up with a DIY ceiling?  bite the bullet and pay the money?).  We decided that a new drop ceiling wasn’t worth the money, but we were still at a loss as to what to do since there were some tiles in and some out and the whole room just looked like such a mess.  Then one day it dawned on me that if we cut the tiles in half (so there were two square instead of one rectangle) that we might be able to wiggle them into place.  Sure enough, that totally worked!  I just wish it hadn’t taken us 6 months to figure it out!  So recently DH and I cut the tiles, and reinstalled the drop ceiling.  Sure, there’s a noticeable line down the middle of half of the tiles now, but since it is saving us $1500, we’re okay with it.  We’d love to actually finish the basement someday, so we’d rather save our money for that!

So back to the room itself.  When I last posted  a pic we had just painted the room:

blue basement paintDH finished the shelves last November and we installed them, let them dry, and then he went to TOWN filling those things in with CDs:

elfa hack shelvesThe room still has a long way to go for sure.  The wall of Besta storage is still very cluttered and needs to be gone through:


Clearly there’s a ton of random crap that’s still in that room that doesn’t belong in there.  But things are finally moving along again.  At least in the meantime DH has a spot for his stuff.  Honestly, the mess bugs me more than him!  But he’s also excited to get it looking nice down there.  It has been so long since I started planning this room (probably a year and a half) that I’ve already updated the original mood board from this:

media denTo this:

media den take two

I’m feeling like going a slightly more glamorous route with the space these days.  But who knows what I’ll be feeling like by the time I finally get to decorate the space!  For now, I’m still very focused on function–clear the clutter, finish installing shelving, get some seating, and get more light.  This has by far been the most challenging room I’ve worked on in the house, perhaps because of the added issues of it being in the basement.  I’m determined to persevere though and turn this space around into a fab spot for DH!  Wish me luck…





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