Happy Birthday bunting

Summer in my house growing up always meant lots of birthdays.  The same is true to some extent now–our little bean was born just 4 days before my birthday three years ago.  We just finished up celebrating both of our birthdays.  We had a lovely garden party for her and I got a day filled with breakfast in bed, Pinterest, and getting my hands dirty with some painting projects (more on those soon!).

I wanted to share the cute “Happy Birthday” bunting I made for Sydney’s birthday since I love how it turned out.  I had been saving fabric scraps from various kiddo projects over the past few years and kept telling myself that I should make a quilt for Sydney.  But I got a quilt started and I finally realized that although I love the idea of quilts, I’m not a huge quilt person.  Maybe I’ll make another one someday, but my little girl already has her relatively new handmade striped duvet cover that I made for her for Christmas last year and doesn’t really need a quilt.  It dawned on me a few months back when I started thinking about her birthday party that a lot of the scrap fabric I had been keeping would be perfect for a bunting!

I read a couple of tutorials online but ended up sort of doing my own thing:

Happy Birthday bunting(I notice now in the pic above that we still have drippy candles from this winter that definitely need to be replaced–gothic children’s birthday party anyone??  But I digress…)

If you want to create something similar I’d definitely encourage you to go for it.  It took a little time but it was easy to do in small chunks.  Here’s the breakdown of how I created this bunting.

1. Iron the fabric.

2. Create a pennant flag-shaped template/pattern out of cardstock.

3. Cut two pieces for each flag you want to create (I did a total of 17 flags so I cut 34 pieces out).

4. Pin right sides together and sew along the two longer sides (not across the top).  Turn right side out.

5. Use Heat ‘n Bond to create your letters.  I printed mine out to use a templates.  I used a solid color (white) but you could also do a pattern if you used a solid color for the flags.

6. Insert each flag into double-fold bias tape and pin in place.  Once you placed all your flags, cut the bias tape to size.

7. Sew on the top of the bias tape (through both layers with the flag sandwiched in the middle).

8. Enjoy your bunting!




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