We got decked out!

It’s heeeeeeeeeeeere!  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a deck!

new deck 1

Technically we had a deck for most of the last year, but as I mentioned in this post, it was rarely used since it was structurally unsound and hard to get to from our main living space:

side of house old deck railingShall we go on a little tour?  You can of course get to the deck easily from the dining room/kitchen area (where previously there was just a wood railing there is now a deck!), but you can also enter from the new steps near the back door:

new deck 2The stairs are actually in the same location as they were on the previous deck, but there are more of them now since the deck is much higher now.  As you go up the stairs, you can see we have created two separate spaces–one for our table, and one for our seating area.

new deck 3

I snapped these pictures last week after we quickly put all our outdoor furniture up there, but we’re definitely still working on finding the best arrangement.  We have the seating area beneath the pergola:

new deck seating areaSo it stays pretty shading during the day.  We have the table on the part of the deck that is uncovered since we knew that if we purchased an umbrella that would provide enough shade during meals.  Since the deck is on the East side of the house, we don’t need the umbrella for dinnertime meals outside–just for morning and mid-day meals which are pretty much just a weekend thing.  So far it has worked out nicely.  I can’t believe how many meals we’ve already eaten out there now that the deck is so accessible.  We’ve probably eaten out there as much in the past 2 weeks as we did all of last summer!

Even though the deck is built and awesome, we’re far from done with the space.  We plan to have the deck stained, and the pergola and railing painted along with a larger house painting project this summer.  And we’d like to add some more plants up on the deck area to give it a bit more life.  We’re also considering adding some lighting for evenings outside.  Plus, the area all around the new deck definitely needs some TLC; we’re kicking around some ideas for paver paths, additional plants, and definitely looking into planting some more grass!  And we need to remove a whole bunch of concrete from the rest of our property (which was part of our approval from the city to build the deck).  Some will get replaced with a paver patio area, but some will just need to get planted with grass or other plants.  Whew!  We’ll definitely need a deck to relax on after getting the rest of that stuff figured out!

In the meantime, I went ahead and purchased some outdoor fabric to update the existing random assortment of outdoor pillows.  No contractor needed for that project–just me, my sewing machine, and an afternoon nap time for the kiddo.  Here’s the latest mood board for this new space:

New deck design ideas

The furniture and rug we have still from last year, but the umbrella and fabric are new.  I’m excited to get started, but on a really nice afternoon, I don’t really want to do anything except sit on the new deck sipping lemonade.  So don’t be surprised if I don’t have updated pics until later this summer…

Even though there’s lots to do still, this has definitely not prevented us from enjoying the new deck.  I snapped this adorable photo of DH and Sydney enjoying a Curious George on the iPad over Father’s Day weekend, and it pretty much sums up how thrilled we are that the deck has arrived:

DH and Sydney on the deck






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