Something old, something new, and something blue (but nothing borrowed)

I realized when putting together the update on where we’re at room-by-room in our house after being here for year that I had no up-to-date pictures of our hall bathroom on the blog!  So here’s the much overdue update on that tiny but much-used room!

Going waaaaay back to when we bought the house more than 18 months ago, we started our transformation of the new house with this very room:

hall bath before You certainly could call it 80s-tastic!  It was actually re-done much more recently than much of the house.  And really, as far as finishes go, it could have been much worse (we’ve seen plenty of houses with pink toilets and tubs!).  But of course, this is not our style at all, and none of the bathroom was in good shape.  The toilet broke after we had owned the house for less than a month.

Our first step was removing the wallpaper and painting the walls.  We also replaced the toilet with a more compact (working) one, swapped out the dated hardware for some oil-rubbed bronze pulls, and put up a shower curtain.  Then we called it a day since we had MUCH bigger fish to fry (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, definitely check out last week’s full-house update post!).

hall bathroom painted

Since that time, we’ve done a few more updates, including a new faucet (the previous one was almost impossible to use and completely impossible for our daughter) and different hardware (to contrast more with the dark wood).  I also swapped out the shower curtain for the one we brought with us from our condo bathroom when we moved.  Even though I liked the previous one we had in there, I needed something lighter since the space is so small!  It now looks like this:

hall bathroom new shower curtain

We also added some additional storage (a must in any small bathroom!).  The wall across from the toilet/vanity area was really the only spot that we could use for storing bathroom supplies.  All the wall had previously was a single towel bar:

hall bath towel barI struggled a bit with how to better use the space until one day I remembered we had this piece down in the laundry room:

CIMG4496It was an old IKEA piece that held my notebooks in grad school and our winter gear in the condo that hadn’t yet found a use in our new house.  I decided to spray paint the frame white to better mesh with the coordinate with the white trim.  I put up the piece (not sure what to call it–a tired wall organizer?) above the radiator and also added to double robe hooks.  We now have way more storage on that wall!

CIMG5005Oh, and we also added some art–just the same picture that had been in the bathroom at our condo.  I’ve had that thing in probably 3 or 4 bathrooms over the last 10 years so I’m definitely thinking of finding something else to go there soon!

hall bathroom wall art
Next on the agenda is that I’d really like to try staining the existing vanity and medicine cabinet a darker color and get a quote for a new counter top.  And we definitely would like to replace the dated light fixtures in the room, and I’m even considering if we might be able to do this ourselves.  I’d love to also update the floor a bit but still not sure if that’s in the cards.  Hopefully the next update on this room will come sooner than in a year!





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