Moving on up and mood-boarding it up!

I know all parents seem to say this all the time, but I really can’t believe how fast our little girl is growing up!  It seems like only yesterday we were putting the crib together, and now we’re moving her into a real bed.  This past Winter we switched her to a toddler bed (our crib had a toddler bed rail conversion kit), but we’ve definitely been feeling for awhile now that she’ll be ready soon for a twin-size bed.

I’ve been scouring Craigslist over the past few months while working on a a new mood board for upgrading her bedroom from feeling like a nursery to feeling more like a little girl room.

Big Girl Room mood boardI’m planning to keep the room the same color (Serendipity by Olympic), but change up the color scheme just a bit.  Currently the room is a light shade of aqua, with darker teal accents and a lot of brown and white.

nursery shelves with brackets

In the next phase for this room I want to bring in purple as an accent color and update the look by swapping the brown for gray.  Here’s the breakdown of what I’m thinking of for her room:

Big Girl Room mood board with numbers

1. A new twin-sized duvet cover (this one from Pottery Barn Kids).  I picked up a lightweight comforter for it too from IKEA for I think only about $15.

2. Sheet set with beautiful aqua medallion print from Target.  I already had some pillow cases that I picked up in the same pattern that I had been using with her toddler bed and DIY duvet cover.

3. Some throw pillows in this fun purple medallion fabric (from here) which relates without totally matching the duvet cover.

4. I’m considering bringing in some fun wallpaper like this either to back a bookshelf or line her drawers.

5. Replacing the white shag rug with this gray one from IKEA that we already have but don’t have a spot for right now (I don’t think IKEA still sells it anymore so I’m so glad I snagged it when I did!).  We loved having the extra cushy-ness of the shag rug when she was a baby and toddler, but now that she’s a kid we think regular-pile rug will be easier to keep clean and will help make the room feel a bit more grown-up.

Over the past few months I’ve also been working on a few smaller accents for her space as well which has been a lot of fun–mostly thrifted things that I thought I could bring new life to with a coat or two or paint.  As I mentioned I’ve also been slowly assembling the pieces for her big-girl bed through Craigslist and now need to actually put everything together.  We’re planning to keep most of her furniture the same (including the re-finished nightstand we scored for free from the basement of our condo!).  We’re still working on some of the pieces of her space but once things are more pulled together I’ll be sure to share some pics!



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