Piano bench makover

Does anyone remember this piano bench I picked up for $5 at a yard sale last year?

CIMG4893This fixer-upper really caught my eye because I thought it had good bones and I though it would be good opportunity to work on my re-upholstery skills and try my hand at tufting for the first time.  And I’m happy to report that I’ve done just that!

tufted piano bench with nailhead trimThis was definitely a learning experience for me!  I read a bunch of tutorials on tufting before getting to work.  It took me a while to assemble all the tools and supplies I’d need, and to find a gray fabric that would work well.  I also had to do quite a bit of repair to the bench itself since the bottom was falling out.  But after a bunch of work with my staple gun this baby is sturdy as can be now!  Here’s the basic run-down of how I tackled this re-upholstery gig:

1. Removed the previous faux leather and thing foam cushion (including about on million staples).

2. Bought new, thicker, foam and used a spray adhesive to adhere it to the plywood base.

3. Used a button-cover kit to cover the buttons needed for tufting.

4. I laid out the fabic on top of the foam and then, using a super-long upholstery needle, tufted the top of the cushion in a channel pattern.  I used the holes that were already there from the previous tufting, which made it a lot easier!  If your bench top didn’t yet have holes you’d need to drill some before adding the foam and fabric.  I used old buttons to secure my tufts to the underside of the bench rather than staples, which worked great!

5. Once all the tufts were in I used the staple gun to secure the rest of the fabric to the underside of the plywood top.

6. Last, I added nail-head trim (the kind that comes in a strip that you only need to hammer in a nail for every 4th one) to give it a more finished look.

I’m also considering staining the legs a bit of a darker shade before re-assembling everything.  I still need to figure out how best to re-attach the top and the base, and if I want to finish the underside of the plywood top at all.  But for now it works and looks so much classier!  Plus, it was a great opportunity to learn how to tuft and to refine my re-upholstery skills!  There are some things about it I would definitely do differently next time (like have the foam cut a bit smaller and work on my corners) but I’m still very happy with how it turned out!

You can see how the piano area looked previously with the old small bench that came with the piano:

piano nook decorating

And now:

CIMG5014Sorry for the blurry pic–not sure why that’s the case!  You can also see that I finally upgraded the storage under the piano as well to some sleek gray fabric magazine files from the Container Store (thanks to a gift card from my thoughtful MIL!).

I’ll be sure to post more pics once I figure out if I’m going to stain the legs a darker color of figure out the best way to re-attach the top piece.  Until then, I’ll enjoy a few quiet evenings of Moonlight Sonata  and Pathetique  on my fab new piano bench!




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