Getting started on that 70s basement

Our new home is truly a showcase of decorating styles through the decades.  In addition to the fabulous 60s paisley wallpaper (and matching mauve carpet) in the living room and 80s beige-tastic hall bathroom we also have what I am compelled to endearingly refer to as That 70s Basement.  Complete with faux wood paneling, drop ceiling, bright yellow walls, and dark red carpet, this basement definitely could be on a 70s-era sitcom.  All in all, the space wasn’t terrible–here’s a shot of the main “living room” area of the basement when the house was staged:

that 70s basement

We had to pull up the carpeting (which wasn’t actually installed, just laid down over the concrete floor) when we got horribly flooded last year.  In retrospect, it was actually a nice touch since it did really warm up the space and make it feel much less basement-y.  Right after moving in, we were left with just the concrete floors and lots and lots of STUFF:

basement clutterAll the stuff we moved that didn’t have a place in the new house got thrown in the basement so we could have some semblance of order in our upstairs living space.  Over the past year, the basement has gotten pretty treacherous to navigate so DH and I have been spending a lot of time down there lately to try to tame it (lots of rubbermaid bins, labeling, tossing, donating, and Craigslisting going on here!).  It helps that it is summer and the basement stays nice and cool!  My other motivation though?  To finally do something to make this space feel less 70s-tastic and (if possible) less basement-y.

After doing a lot to tame clutter (still in progress, believe me!) I decided to start with something small and manageable: this window.

basement window beforeThis is the window I see right as I walk down the stairs into the basement so I figured it would be a good place to start since it gets noticed.  The window was framed in a weird way with paneling, which I’ve never seen before.  So far I just have pics of what it looked like with a few coats of primer,

basement window in progress

but I’ll be sure to get some updated pics soon of the full transformation–and then start to tackle the rest of this chaotic space!  I figure if I post some truly ugly photos it will motivate DH and I to get moving on this space!  If you look closely in the pic below (right to the left of the exposed electrical panel…fun times) you can see that I’ve already been trying out paint swatches!

basement before picWish me luck–this basement is truly a beast to tackle!







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