Back to Black (buffet)

When we first moved into our new house I was all kinds of excited about debuting the new console table I had snagged for cheap off of Joss & Main:

new entryway shadeHowever, it became clear after living here for a short time that although the table fit perfectly in the space it really didn’t offer much in the way of storage for us in the room.  And even though we have a lovely playroom upstairs, we do keep some toys downstairs since sometimes we both have to be in the kitchen and want the kiddo nearby.  So it was bittersweet when I realized we needed to find the console table a new home and put something with closed storage in its place.  Luckily, the lovely black buffet I’ve had in every place I’ve lived in the last 10 years hadn’t yet found a home in the new house.  Remember this lovely lady from our last place?

condo dining room with black buffet

Up she came from exile in the basement and we nestled her into place:

black buffet in living room

black buffet in living room 2It is a bit of a tight squeeze to get to the closet, but we don’t use it super often since we usually come in through the mudroom, so it hasn’t bee too much of a hassle.  Unfortunately, it’s impressive size means that it can’t quite be centered on the window, which does bug me some days.  Oh well.  Mostly we’re just excited to be able to stash all kinds of art supplies and puzzles in here and reclaim our living space from time to time!

Seeing these “in progress” photos reminds me that I can’t wait to upgrade from the super cheap curtains I made just to get something to cover our windows to some nice roman shades–I miss seeing those beautiful window casings!

Have you been doing any furniture swapping lately?





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