Meeting Mr. Miter

Paint is definitely up there on the list things that can really transform a space for minimal money.  Now I definitely believe that trim is a close second!  Case in point: this window.  Yep, this lovely looker is what I have to walk past every time I need anything from our basement:

basement window beforeIn my last basement update I showed what this baby looked like after a few coats of primer to help camouflage the fact that for some reason whoever “finished” this basement decided to trim the window using scraps of faux wood paneling:

basement window in progressThis was an improvement, but only barely.  I knew this window could be so much more.  It occurred to me that the window lacked any kind of trim/casing, so I held up some pieces I had purchased from another project and thought realized that was exactly what this window needed!  So I broke out the miter box DH got me for my birthday last year and cut the trim to size.  Now this was my first real experience using it so there was a bit of a learning curve.  And I will admit and one piece had to be re-done because I measured wrong (eek!).  But once I got going I was soooo happy to have that slick little tool!

Getting the trim to fit was a little tricky since the ceiling is so uneven, but I persevered.  We don’t have a nail gun (yet…) so I had to nail the trim in by hand which added to the trickiness of it, but it sure felt good to see everything go up!  In addition to the window casing I also added some quarter round in the interior of the window box to help fill some of the gaps which helped a lot.  Here she is now–so close to being done!

basement window with trim

The third thing that made this project finally come together was lots and lots of caulk.   Learning to use a caulk gun was definitely one of the best thing I’ve learned to DIY.  It is especially helpful in older homes where nothing is ever perfectly even!

You can also see that I started painting a bit too.   I’m so happy to be slowly saying goodbye to the awful eerie yellow that was everywhere in this house.  I chose a medium-toned gray-blue with a hint of green.  I need to look back at the swatch for the exact color name, but I definitely had to make sure it looked good in dim light since the basement definitely leaves a lot to be desired in the lighting department!

This window is so close to being done now, which is so exciting after living with it as it was for over  a year.  I still need to finish some caulking and do a final coat of paint and add a curtain, but for now it is serving as great inspiration to get the rest of the basement whipped into shape!

Isn’t is amazing what some paint, trim, and caulk can do??





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