Gray is the new yellow

There’s a common theme here at the 2BB these days, and that’s that all the yellow has got to go go go.  Really, I have nothing against yellow (who doesn’t love the sun? or sunflowers? or lemonade?), but in a dimly lit basement this yellow was not sunny and bright; it is garish.  And this same darn yellow paint is everywhere!  At last though, I was able to tackle another yellow space–the basement laundry room:

yellow laundry roomI’ve been trying to save money lately by using up what we have, so I opted to paint the laundry room the same somewhat dark gray color that we used in our bedroom rather than buy new paint (“opera glasses” by Roth + Allen).  Even though the color is a little dark, I still love the way it turned out!

gray laundry room


Of course this space is a long way from finished, but you can already see how this coat of paint (and the adorable aqua cart from IKEA) are helping this space out already with looking more like the mood board I made for the space (read more about that here).  And I think once a lot of the other elements of the room go in there will be a lot of white to counter the darkness of the gray.

laundry room mood boardNext up I plan to add in some fabric to soften the space up (a curtain for the window and a rug underfoot) and bring in some art framed in nice white frames and matting to help lighten up the darker gray a bit.  Then I’ll have to turn my attention to the slightly more challenging parts of this project: installing beadboard along the unfinished wall and addressing the poor lighting situation.  Can’t wait for this room to really start coming together!  It is a small room, but even a family of only 3 goes through a lot of laundry so I figure I may as well enjoy the space!






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