Whimsical Laundry Room Art

Time for a quickie art update! After painting the laundry room a somewhat dark gray color a few weeks ago I was thrilled to get some art up on the walls to help lighten up the space a bit.  I’d had my eye on these adorable prints from this etsy shop for a long time and was so excited to finally order them!  I popped them into some white frames with white mats from IKEA (I think these were $8 each which was just the price point I was hoping for!), measured, and popped them up on the newly painted gray wall in the laundry room! laundry room artDon’t they really help lighten up the space?  Here’s what the wall looked like pre-art: gray laundry roomI loved that I was able to customize the color of the prints too–that was definitely a nice touch.  So if you like these prints but have a different color in mind, definitely check out this etsy shop.  The room is a bit small, but I was able to capture a slightly closer-up pic of these cute prints: CIMG5030Aren’t they perfect for the laundry room?  I love them!  Already between the new paint job and the art I’m enjoying doing the laundry more.  Hooray! Cheers, G


2 thoughts on “Whimsical Laundry Room Art

  1. Super cute! I love what a big difference a little paint and some cute art can make. Especially when it comes to motivation for doing laundry!

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