Thrifty find: audio table

I love love love shopping second hand stores for furniture that can be refinished–especially if the price is right.  I love the idea of a discarded piece finding a new home and a new look.  There’s so much focus in the design world on what that latest trends are, and so many sites out there to buy new things.  But what happens to all the things people have already bought??  Even though buying something used can be a bit of a gamble, I’m happy to report that our latest thrifted find has found a new home and has been put to good use!

Ever since we moved into this house last year we’ve struggled with where to put our Bose stereo.  We like to listen to music in the kitchen and dining room but there’s not much space in there.  We decided it should go somewhere in the living room, but there really hasn’t been a good spot in there either, despite that the room is good-sized.  I have dreams of installing built-ins on either side of the fireplace some day that could house the stereo and other things.  Until then though, I figured I could still put the dead space between the fireplace and the wall to good use. I had looked online at about one million options and just never found the right thing and the right price.  Then, I pretty much gave up and moved on to other things.

Then, we found this:

stereo table before

A very cute little wooden side table with some water rings on it that no one wanted anymore.  Maybe it was supposed to be for a microwave?  I’m not really sure.  The price was right though–just $35!  And we were happy to pay that since the money goes to a local charity (we picked this guy up from the Brown Elephant in Andersonville for those of you who are local!).  We had measured the space before so we were about 99% sure that it would fit.  We took our chances luckily this little table was a perfect fit!

I knew I wanted to paint the table white to help it blend in with its surrounding a bit, but didn’t get around to it until the weather finally got nice last month.  Then, as often happens these days, I forgot to blog about it!  So (finally) here’s our little thrift store table after  a couple coats of primer and white spray paint:

white stereo table

We previously had one of our slipper chairs in front of the fireplace right where this table is, but we re-located that since we realized it impedes traffic flow.  Now that the table is on full display so I’m glad we finally got it painted!  We’re really digging the new set up too.  The table is not just a nice spot to set the stereo; the little drawer is perfect for stashing extra cords for the stereo and CDs that need to be re-filed.

white stereo table by fireplace

Not sure what the long-term plan will be for this space at this point, and I really would love to get something on the other side of the fireplace to even things out a bit, but for now, this looks cute and works well.






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