July Review

How is is already August?!  I feel like the summer just got started and already I’m seeing catalogs advertising back-to-school wares.  Not that I have to go back to school anymore, but still–what a buzz kill!  For those who are, like me, still in full-on summer mode and may have missed a post due to vacationing, staycationing, or intense popsicle-eating, here’s the round-up of 2BB posts from July.

July started off with an the makeover I gave to a $5 yard sale piano bench, complete with tufting and some nail head trim:

tufted piano bench with nailhead trim

Many of the July blog posts, much like my July in general, were full of basement updates.  DH and I spent a lot of time down in the basement both because we knew it was time to finally start tackling it and because we had some hot days and the basement stayed nice and cool!  I started out my foray into basement blogging by introducing That 70s Basement:

that 70s basementThen I popped in a quick furniture placement update; we moved our black buffet (previously in our condo’s dining room) into our entry way for added storage:

black buffet in living room

Then, it was back to the basement where I debuted my first project where I learned to use a miter box: trimming out one of our naked basement windows:

basement window with trim

They I stayed down in the basement for a few posts featuring the laundry room.  First, I posted pics of the newly painted laundry room (no more yellow!):

gray laundry roomAnd then I was so inspired that I quickly put up some adorable laundry-themed art from Etsy:

laundry room artI capped of July with a furniture makeover post featuring our thrifted audio table:

white stereo tableHappy August!







I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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