Easy DIY Faux Roman Shade

I love the look of roman shades so much that I’ve used them in a variety of ways through the years.  We had proper roman shades made for our living room windows at our condo:

new pillow shams in living room

I also DIY’d a couple of different roman shades through the years for our condo.  There was this one in the nursery that was actually functional (it was made using plastic mini blinds):

Nursery roman shade 2

And this one in our old kitchen that was just made to look like a roman shade, but was really just made using a bunch of tension rods:

roman shade

I have been mulling over in my head for over a year what to do with our hideously ugly basement windows and finally had an epiphany a few weeks back: a non-functional roman shade would be the perfect thing for the windows since they have that weird dead space above them (one of them is slanted faux wood paneling and the other one–well, I’ll get to that another day!).  I recently saw another DIY non-functional  faux roman shade on Pinterest that was different from the one I did in our kitchen.  This time, the idea is that you basically just make the folds in the shade and then tack the folds in place with small stitches.  I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but thought it would be fun to try since we don’t need the curtain to ever go up or down– I just needs to cover up the ugly part of the window!

As with the trim, it was a little tricky to get it to work right since the ceiling and window are not totally even.  But by pinning it so that one side is slightly longer I think I was able to trick the eye into thinking this is just a normal roman shade, right?

CIMG5046The fabric is actually a curtain from Target that I cut and sewed to size.  Of course, if you pan out you’ll see there’s still the issue of the missing ceiling to address (as well as a hole in the wall):

faux roman shade basement window

But at least I’m a far cry from what this window looked like at the beginning of the summer!

basement window before

I love the fabric so much (I’m always a sucker for a medallion print) that I may use it in other ways in the house since I have some extra fabric.  I’m thinking it would definitely make some nice pillows.  The background is a beautiful textured flax color and the medallion print has different shades of blue.  Beautiful!

Next up will be to tackle the other window in the basement and finish up some painting.  This little window makeover has definitely inspired me to keep going!





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