Big girl room updates: phase 1

Phase 1 updates to Sydney’s room are complete!

big girl room 1

In my last post about this room I shared some of my ideas for turning Sydney’s room into a “big girl” room including this mood board:

Big Girl Room mood board

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally got a lot of these changes complete!  The biggest change of course was switching from her toddler bed (which was just her crib with a toddler rail) to a twin-sized bed.  I got this great Pottery Barn Kids slipcovered headboard off craigslist, and the box spring, mattress, and frame from another family on craigslist.

slipcovered headboard

New this would have set us back we’ll over $1200 but by going the craigslist route we got all this for $200 (plus some sweat…).  We had some hiccups with attaching the headboard to the frame but for now what we have works–and looks so cute!

The bedding is a combination of a Pottery Barn Kids duvet cover (with $15 light comforter from IKEA) , and sheets from Target.  The duvet cover was the first spot where I started to bring I in some purple for the new accent color.

Another big change was swapping out her existing white shag rug for this gray one we snagged from IKEA a few years ago.  It definitely feels more grown-up and Sydney loves it!  I also brought in some more of the purple with a pillow cover for the chair:


I have some I other purple fabric that I bought as well that will eventually become some additional accent pillows in the room but that will have to be part of phase 2!

The last big change is the new bookshelf I refinished!  We picked up this little guy at a thrift store last fall

kid's bookshelf makeover before

I was so excited to get it outside and painted so she I could start using it for her bigger books since she has mostly outgrown board books at this point (many of her favorites are still around and hanging out in the lower “secret compartment” though!).


There were also some smaller finishing touches sprinkled around the room as well.  Did you spot any of them?  Look at the items on the left and the right of the photo below from this blog post about my thrifting spoils this past Fall/Winter:

thrift store containersThat’s right!  The floral tin is now Sydney’s button container (this girl loves buttons!).  I spray painted it white and then added some ribbon I picked up from the one spot at Target:

tin makeoverAnd that brown planter pot?  It got a coat of purple paint and an IKEA plant and made its way up on her shelves!

CIMG5042Much nicer in the purple than the shiny brown, right?  That little guy was definitely one of those pieces that I spotted and immediately thought, “this has a great shape and great texture but sure would be better in a different color.”  Isn’t that what most people think when they walk through thrift stores??

Next up is Phase 2.  I have plans to add a reading nook in the corner of her room, add some additional accents, and get some additional art up on the rather bare walls.  Can’t wait!






5 thoughts on “Big girl room updates: phase 1

  1. I’m following your changes with real pleasure! And have to admit, that your’s daugther room looks fantastic! Like the rest of the house (the present one, as well as your previous appartment). Some of the colours, graphics, items, I can find back in my own home, even the colour of the big girl room I have in my future baby room 🙂
    Greetings from Holland,

    • How nice! Thanks for the kind words. It is always nice to connect with someone with similar taste. Hope the baby room is coming along nicely. I think you’ll really love the color!

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