Making room

I’m not sure how I totally missed getting this post of up last Saturday, but somehow I did!  Anyway, this is a few days late, but it is finally up!

After spending a ton of time down in the basement with DH working on his media den, it has been easy to get discouraged.  Even though we’ve made a ton of progress, the room still sometimes feels light years from being done!  We are determined to finally get some decent seating down there though, and thus have embarked in yet another clean-out phase.  I don’t know why this room collects clutter quite like it does, but oh boy does it ever!

Here’s what the room looked like when I last posted:

elfa hack shelves

And here’s what it looks like now:

media den in-progress

(Sorry for the blurry pic–I’ve been having some issues with my camera.  I’ll be sure to get some better pics soon!).  Perhaps it is hard to see all the amazing progress we’ve made in clearing this space out, but off to the right is a huge “get rid of” pile! To the left here is where we’re planning to put an IKEA Karlstad sofa once we can go get one.

media den de-cluttering

We’ve spent all summer trying to get one from Craigslist but after having four different possible deals fall through at the last minute we finally decided to just purchase a new one from the store and save the headache.   We can’t wait!  With all the shelving and CDs and LPs there are a lot of hard surfaces and I think getting something softer with fabric down there will help to soften up the space.  Not to mention that having seating for more than one would be really nice!

The other major issue that we finally addressed in this space was lighting.   This is one of the big things that has really held up this room.  We originally wanted to install recessed cans in the room, but when we talked to an electrician that’s when we realized that our drop ceiling was never installed correctly which made it not really possible to install cans.  We got quotes for re-doing the ceiling and then doing the electrical work, but it was going to be at least $2,000.  Even though I would have loved a new ceiling and recessed lighting, I think our $80 solution is serving us just fine!  Yep, that’s right–$80!  We installed 4 glass IKEA scones in the four corners of the room.  One of the is even connected to a switch, which is nice.  It gives enough light that the room doesn’t feel nearly so basement-y and DH can now easily see all his CDs and LPs without a flashlight!

I’ll be sure to post some couch pics as soon as I can!




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