This house has definitely been an opportunity for some creative thinking.  Anyone with an old house knows that these guys often have quirks that require creative solutions.  Here’s the latest example I had to tackle:

ugly basement windowYep, that’s pretty much the ugliest basement window I’ve seen.  Not only was this one yellow and panel clad (like the rest of the basement) but the top piece was completely gone.  I’m not ever sure what to call what was underneath there!  I knew that this window could be beautified like I did with the other window down in the basement (you can see this window’s kid sister who already got her makeover here).  I spent a lot of time peering at this window before finally coming up with a plan of action.  The first step was to remove all the debris (probably due to the construction on the kitchen upstairs last year??).  It took way longer than I expected.  I couldn’t believe how much debris was just sitting up there.  I also removed the a few loose boards.  I then cut a board to size.  Luckily I had a pre-primed one sitting around that was the perfect height.  It was actually a shelf from IKEA we purchased but never used which was great because I didn’t have to buy anything new.  Then I popped the board into place and nailed it in:

ugly window with board

The board fit great and at least covered up the ugliest part.  But this makeover was far from over at this point, despite how frustratingly long that part took!  The next step was primer.   Lots and lots of primer.  That faux wood paneling isn’t messing around.  I think I finally did 4 coats and it still isn’t 100% covered!

You may recall that my last basement window update included a panned out shot of the rest of this wall showing where the makeover previously ended.  To the left, white and blue; to the right YELLOW!


So this second window makeover I knew would not be complete until it looked a bit more like its sister window.  So DH and I finally got to painting the rest of the wall around the window.  We also added some trim around the window:

ugly window makeover 1

And to complete the makeover, I added another DIY faux roman shade to match the other window:

ugly window makeover with faux roman shadePretty dramatic makeover, isn’t it?  I can hardly believe that a few weeks ago this window looked like this!

ugly basement window

I’ll be sure to post some more pictures of the basement now that the space is starting to come together a bit more.

What’s your favorite home makeover project?



3 thoughts on “Improvising

    • HI Nat! I’ve read a bunch of tutorials online (usually found via Pinterest). I can direct you to some good ones but it really depends on if you want to make a functional or non-functional shade. If it is just decorative and it doesn’t need to go up and down you have a few options. If you need it to go up and down frequently, then I’d go the route of using inexpensive mini blinds as the base of your shade. Let me know what you’re looking to do!

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