Suzani and Stripes

Happy weekend!  Since weekends often involve doing laundry, I thought I’d invite you to come on down to the laundry room where I’ve made a bit more progress.  My last updates involved some paint and art, but the room was definitely in need of some softness with all the hard surfaces in the room (concrete floor, appliances, pipes, walls, etc.):

laundry room art

A quick re-visit to the original mood board for this space is probably in order at this point.

laundry room mood board

The softness I was hoping to add to the space I planned to bring in using fabrics–namely this awesome Dash & Albert striped rug and this beautiful Suzani print fabric in shades of blue, green, aqua, and gray.  I finally felt that the room was far enough along to order the rug, and I’m thrilled to have it in the room.  It helps lighten up the space and also covers quite a bit of the less-than-lovely concrete floor:

laundry room rugThe other new addition was to the one window in the room.  After painting the room, including the window, it was looking like this–not too shabby, but definitely not very exciting either.

laundry room window

I ordered a yard of the suzani-print fabric I’d had my eye on since back when I put together the mood board (which was now 30% off since it is a summer outdoor fabric!) and used my latest faux roman shade technique to whip up a shade for the window:

laundry room faux roman shadeThe only difference this time was that I used a regular curtain rod (the $4 kind from Target) to hang this as an exterior mount as opposed to the other basement ones I did using tension rods and an interior mount.  Other than that, the process was pretty much the same.  Once again I mounted it quite a bit higher than the actual window to give the appearance of a larger window.

Now, when I step back and look at the room, I see a huge improvement:

laundry room in-progressBut still a ways to go.  I still need to tackle the lighting situation (just a bare bulb right now that I have to screw with my bare hand to turn on…), the missing wall on the other half of the room and install some shelving.  But I think this space is definitely coming along!  And I’m definitely already light-years ahead of where I was at the beginning of the summer:

laundry room before 1Does anyone else have an ugly basement laundry room that is finally getting some TLC?




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