An Exterior Makeover

So as I mentioned in my last post, not much has happened around our house since I was so sick and tired during my first trimester.  However, one big thing DID happen, but only because we didn’t do it ourselves: we got our house painted!  This was something that was on our list since we bought the house, but since it was mostly cosmetic, we put it off until more pressing projects were completed (kitchen remodel, new roof, new furnace, dealing with lead paint, etc.).   Luckily we spent the summer getting quotes for the work and had already signed a contract by the time the morning sickness set in.  So all I had to do was wait for our turn on their schedule to come along and sit back and watch the transformation!

When we bought the house, I knew right away I’d want to give it a new coat of paint.  Not only was I not a fan of the white with brown trim look overall, but the white stucco had been patched many times and was many different colors of white, and the brown had been touched up with the wrong sheen of paint, so it looked really sloppy.  I knew that I’d eventually go for a color in the gray family, so when we got a new roof we went with a black one instead of brown (which is what the old one was), which didn’t help the overall color scheme of the house.  Here’s an original pic of what the house looked like when we bought it 2 years ago:

original house photo - exterior

We decided on a color palette  of gray with white trim–classic but also updated.  I didn’t want a gray that was too warm or too cold, but it was hard to choose a color for sure.  Here’s what the house looks like after the painters finished up!

gray and white exterior after painting

Oh, and please ignore the half-eaten pumpkins on the steps–our squirrels are relentless this time of year!  If you peek to the right you’ll see part of the house that I’m super excited about–the deck!  Even though we were totally in love with our new deck in terms of function, it really didn’t blend well with the house–it just looked like a pile of lumber tacked onto the side of the house.

new deck 1

We decided to have it painted to match the house but keep the actual decking floor a natural color so that part we had stained.  So the bottom half of the deck with the lattice we had painted gray to match the house, while we had the railings and pergola painted white to match the trim.  I now looks so seamless–like this deck was always meant to be.  We’re in love.

deck painted and stained - side of house

You can also see that we had the paint the ugly brown door a fun blue color.  I love how it pops!  I don’t think the painter liked it very much though–he kept asking if we liked it…

blue front door

Finally, I don’t have a close up “before” pic of the garage, but you can see what it looked like in this photo:

original house exterior

And here’s what the garage looks like now with her new coat of paint!

garage painted

Next up on the exterior makeover?  Landscaping.  We had wanted to tackle that this summer, but between my terrible morning sickness and running out of funds (adding a deck and getting the house painted was a bit more expensive that we’d imagined!) we’ve decided to wait until next year.  Which is fine with me now that we’re getting into the cold months soon and everything will be covered in snow.  Instead I can focus on putting up some holiday decorations–much easier (and cheaper!) to tackle!




8 thoughts on “An Exterior Makeover

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    • I’ve looked and looked and I can’t find the paint sample for the door. I think the painters may have kept it. However, I’ll try to see if I can find any of the extra paint and see if the color is listed on there and let you know!


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  4. the gray exterior is perfect, do you know the paint color? looking at painting our bungalow and want a mid range not to warm not too cold gray. thanks!

    • I looked but can’t seem to find the original paint chips anywhere! So sorry. I should say though that overall I think this gray is pretty cool, even though I thought I had chosen a warm gray. Good luck finding the perfect color!

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