Mini makeover

I wanted to share a quick post about a little facelift going on in our master bedroom.  We haven’t really touched this room much since last year when the work on the master bathroom finished.  We did finally put up some curtains and art (link) but then we’ve mostly been focusing on other spaces.

While on a trip a few weeks ago I ran across a duvet cover that I thought would be perfect for the room (only $39 at Home Goods!).  I like the idea of changing the look and feel of the space with the seasons, and I thought this one could work nicely in either Spring or Fall.  Here’s what the room looked like last time I posted:

master bedroom 5

And here it is with the new duvet cover in place.

blue and white duvet cover master bedroom

I love it so much.  The color is really calm and serene.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in this room these days because of the pregnancy sleepies, so it was nice to give the room a little lift.  I like that the pattern is similar to the pattern of our shower curtain in the en suite master bath as well–it really helps tie the two spaces together nicely.

master bathroom robe hooks

I actually have a few other small updates to this room planned in the coming weeks so I’ll keep you posted.




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