Meet Karl

I have a much-overdue post for you!  In my last media den update ((months ago!) I mentioned that DH and I were busy clearing out the room to make room for the the newest IKEA member of the family: a Karlstad sofa.  It took us a long time to decide on the perfect sofa for the space, but we just couldn’t resist Karl’s classic good looks and super-comfy cushions.  Once we had the room cleared out enough, DH took a quick trip to IKEA without us.  I was sad to miss a trip to IKEA, believe me, but after some extensive measuring we figured out that the only way the sofa would fit into our CR-V was if there was nothing else in the car.  So Sydney and I stayed behind, and DH brought home the Karl:

karlstad sofa in media denIt is so nice to finally have a place to sit down there!  We’ve also already discovered that the cushions are great for building forts!  There were many a day in the past few months when I woke up from an early pregnancy nap to find DH and Sydney hanging out in the media den playing in a fort.  It was pretty cute!  It has also been nice that Sydney has enjoyed playing down there so much because it allows DH some much-needed time down there to listen to music, organize, an otherwise enjoy his space.  I think we’ve made a few more updates since I took this pick a few months back, so I’ll be sure to share more soon.  We still have more to do for sure, but it is starting to come together–and certainly feels much more like a part of our home than it did when it looked like this:





3 thoughts on “Meet Karl

  1. I miss sofa forts. When I was little I used to build them by tying blankets to the gingerbready parts of a Victorian style wicker settee set my mom had, and I broke them all off. My dad glued them back together with scraps of screen molding holding everything together from inside.

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