Adding function and style: the storage ottoman

When I last posted about the master bedroom I shared a little mini update–a new duvet cover:

blue and white duvet cover master bedroom

You may notice in the pic below that the gray-blue-green color on the duvet looks pretty terrible near the bright blue of the chair in the corner.  Or you might not–it definitely might be one of those things that only bothers me!  Regardless, as soon as the new duvet cover went in, I knew the chair had to go.  I never really planned to put that chair there, but I needed a spot to put things at the end of the day, or to set a laundry basket, or to put extra pillows while we slept.  This chair sort of worked, but I never really thought it worked very well, and it also stuck out pretty far into our small bedroom.  So when I realized that the chair no longer worked color-wise in addition to it not being very functional, I started to think of what would work better in the space.  Eventually, I had an epiphany: what I needed was a nice upholstered storage bench/ottoman that fit the space in front of the window better.  So I set to work trying to find something that would provide a spot to set things as well as some much needed storage for extra sheets/blankets and pillows when not in use.

Luckily, I had a pretty good sense of the overall style I wanted for the space–something in the gray/beige family, ideally with some tufting and/or nail head trim.  You see this part of the room whenever the door is open (which is most of the time) so I wanted something that looked pretty nice.  I also wanted something with a good amount of storage that fit the space without being too tight or taking up too much floor space.

I found a few options that were similar in price between Target, Overstock, and Joss & Main and finally landed on this one from Joss & Main since I had a credit that really made it the best price:

Alston Storage Ottoman from Joss & Main

It wasn’t too expensive (I think $180 with my discount but with tax an shipping) but it definitely helped that we’ve been selling a bunch of our extra stuff on Craigslist these days so it felt like it didn’t cost anything.  I was so excited when it arrived that I wasted no time sliding it into place and filling it up with all the stuff that needed a home.  I love the way it looks–much better than the chair!

master bedroom ottoman

Here’s a closer-up picture of what the ottoman looks like:

master bedroom ottoman 2

I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner–it seems like this thought should have occurred to me a long time ago, but I’m glad it finally did.  Yay for adding both function and style to a small space!

One more small update I made to the space.  In addition to the ottoman, I also finally found bigger lamps for the nightstands!

gold dipped lamps

For reference, we previously had some old and rather dinky lamps in the space:


The lamps are clear glass from World Market, and I painted the bottom third with several layers of gold craft paint.  I love the overall look, but I’m not sure of the lampshades just yet–they seem a bit too high.  Oh well–I’ll just keep my eyes out.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll have another epiphany soon about this room!




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