Holiday Decorating 2014

How is Christmas only a few days away??  It seems like only yesterday I was hauling out the Christmas decorations to get started on decking our halls yet somehow I never actually finished all the decorating I had planned!  Ah well.  We at least have a tree, some trimmings, cookies, and some presents under the tree (and most of our sanity…) so I’ll count this year as a successful holiday season, even if the decorations are pretty modest again this year!  (To see how we decked the halls last year head over to this post).  I thought a little tour of our second year of holiday decorating at our new house was in order before the holidays are totally over.

Simple was definitely the name of the game again this year–starting with our entryway:

christmas 2014All I did in there was add a few extra branches from our (faux) tree to a vase, pull in a pine-scented candle and a white vase, and called it done.  This still leaves lots of space on the buffet for cookies and treats when we have guests over!

christmas 2014

My favorite spot to decorate seasonally is our mantle.  I really wanted one the whole time we lived at our condo, so it was definitely on my “must have” list when we were house hunting.  I did a bit more decorating on the mantle than the buffet since it is purely decorative as opposed to functional:

christmas 2014

For the mantle I added a swag of faux greenery that I’ve had for years and added a few shimmery touches: small gold glass ornaments, gilded pears (leftover from Thanksgiving), a string of light blue bead garland, and my trusty (and safe!) flameless candles atop my silver pillar candle holders from IKEA.

christmas 2014

I then hung our stockings (with care) using some clear 3M hooks.  We’re definitely looking forward to ordering another stocking come next Christmas!

christmas 2014

This year I had two goals when it came to holiday decorating: one was to focus on spending the small bits of time I have at home with DH and the kiddo rather than obsessing about decorating, and the other was to not spend much money this year on decorations.  I’m happy to report that I did pretty well on both counts, and even though there are decorating projects I never got to, I’m still enjoying the season.  Plus, I only ended up buying a couple of things–one of which I’m super excited about:

christmas 2014

Can you spot it?  Here’s a closer up pic:

christmas 2014

Right there, under the tree.  Now do you see it?  This year I swapped a traditional tree skirt for a tree ring.  I’ve wanted one of these for years, so when I saw this nice basket-weave one from Crate and Barrel I was swooning.  Then they sent me a coupon.  I just couldn’t resist.  Why a tree ring instead of a tree skirt, you may ask?  Well, our tree is located in a pretty high traffic area, so all last year I spent so. much. time. straightening the tree skirt, and it still seemed to always be wonky.  I love that the tree ring is always tidy looking without any time invested by me.  Plus, I just think it is so cute and hides the whole tree base (which with a faux tree isn’t all that pretty).

christmas 2014

One more quick picture of a bit of holiday decor over by the piano.  I used scrapbook paper with music on it to wrap around a large glass vase and filled it with the faux wintery flowers I ordered from Ballard Designs several years ago.  I love the fullness of grouping them all together, and the music paper is a nice nod to what actually happens over by the piano!  Plus, since this isn’t strictly Christmas-y and is more winter-y, I have a lot more time post-holidays to take it down.

christmas 2014I used the same idea to decorate a new spot in our home–this console table we recently added to the dining room:

christmas 2014
We brought this table up from the basement over Thanksgiving so we had a spot to set all the food and liked having it there so much that we’ve kept it.  It will have to go once the weather warms up since it is right in front of the doors that lead out to the new deck, but for now, we’ve loving it.  And it was a spot to add a bit more holiday cheer!

christmas 2014

For the greenery grouping on the right I picked up the plants at Trader Joe’s and grabbed things I had on hand for containers.  For the rest I used some seagrass baskets from other spots in the house and then one of my favorite green and white striped bowls we got for our wedding to hold our huge pile of citrus fruits.  Yum!

Also in the dining room I’ve continued a tradition I started many years ago of adding the holidays cards we get from family and friends to this wire sculpture that I love so much:

christmas 2014

Back in our master suite, I upped the holiday spirit by picking  up some red towels to replace our normal all white ones:

christmas 2014

I just love how the red pops against the blue-green walls.  So festive!  Next year I may find a few more red things to add into the mix.

christmas 2014Finally, one of my favorite spots to decorate was our back steps since this is the entrance we use every day.  We picked up a cute $8 rug from Home Depot, and I added a red berry wreath that I’ve had for years.  As a final touch I hung up this adorable tote bag that I got for free with a few other Maileg items I ordered for Sydney for Christmas (more on that soon!).  I love how much the pops of red brighten up the space:

christmas 2014 So there you have it–holiday spirit spread around the house here at the 2BB!  Hope you and yours are enjoying a peaceful holiday season!



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