Handmade Christmas: felt food and dollhouse beginnings

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone is having a lovely and relaxing holiday!

This year I continued a tradition I started last year of making some of the gifts for Sydney for Christmas.  You can see what I made for her last year in this post.  This year I only did two things since I got a bit of a late start on projects (yes, I’m blaming this on the horrible morning sickness again!), but I had a lot of fun working on them!

The first project was making some felt food.  I had seen so many adorable examples through Pinterest that I just couldn’t resist!  Although I wanted to make everything I saw, I kept it just to some classic breakfast foods to get started: bacon and eggs!

felt bacon and eggs

I used the pattern and tutorial from here.  And since Sydney has a set of plates and silverware for 4, I made 4 strips of bacon and 4 fried eggs.  The best part?  She wasted no time setting up a “Happy New Years breakfast party” in her new tent with some of her favorite stuffed animals as soon as she opened her felt breakfast foods this morning!

felt bacon and eggs partyThe second gift I made for her is really more of a makeover than a real DIY project.  I’ve been wanting to get her a dollhouse for a while now but wasn’t sure what kind/size to get.  I finally landed on this bookcase-style one from Target:

dollhouse before makeover (pink)

The only problem with this one?  The pink.  So. Much. Pink.  I have nothing against pink in small doses, but this was just too much.  Plus, my little girl’s favorite color is blue.  So I went down to my paint stash and found some leftover paint from another project and transformed the pepto palace into a more soothing icy blue abode:

blue dollhouse (after)Ahhh.  Much better!

The idea behind this gift is that this little house is something that the kiddo and I can work together on in the coming years.  Thus, as much as I wanted to buy a ton of furniture for it and decorate all of it, I thought it would be more fun to do it over time…just like our real house!  However, it did look a little stark with no decoration at all, so I added a bit of scrapbook paper to serve as some wallpaper and to add a bit of color:

dollhouse with wallpaperAlready it is starting to look a bit more home-y.  See the pink?  That’s the kind of pink I can handle!

I’m happy to report that Sydney was pretty darn exited when we brought this out this morning–along with two Maileg Mice we got to live in the house (we got a big sister and a little sister, but hope to add some parents into the mix at some point!).  Her first comment?  “They need beds!”  I was so happy that she was already thinking about what the little house needed!  So we went upstairs and she built some beds out of duplos, and I found some scraps of fabric to use as blankets, and she tucked the little sisters right into bed for a Christmas nap:

dollhouse beds/sleeping miceBy later in the day (post-photo shoot) she and DH had already built a table and chairs, a garage, some living room furniture, and two toilets. According to my kid, apparently both of the mice were sick so when I went over there my little girl proudly showed me they each had their heads in the toilet; it was so weird.  But still so sweet!

So that’s the handmade Christmas update for 2015.  Did you make any projects this year for Christmas?  Or are you more of a mall shopper?  Or a do it all in one night online in your pajamas type?






6 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas: felt food and dollhouse beginnings

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  3. Hi
    I have the same bookcase and would like to paint it. Did you have to sand it down first?what type of paint. The steps used would be appreciated since yours came out beautiful . Thx

    • No problem! Sorry for the delayed response–I was traveling for a few days! I used a test pot of regular latex paint. I believe it was a flat finish because most test pots only come in one finish. I didn’t have to sand it down at all and so far it is holding up great! Let me know how it goes for you!


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