New Year, New Nursery

I know many in the blogosphere start off the new year with a post about goals and resolutions for the new year.  Heck, I’ve definitely done that in years past!  But this year, with a new baby coming our way, my main goal is really just to survive  with a relatively happy and healthy family.  Perhaps by 2016 I’ll be more inclined to make specific resolutions again!

Speaking of the new baby, is it any surprise that getting a nursery plan together has been on my mind?  We have about 15 weeks until the due date is here, which means we could have as little as 12 weeks really, since our first little bean came at 37 weeks.  Of course, I’ve been thinking about this room ever since we moved into the house, well before I was event pregnant with baby #2 (as evidenced by this post).  I’ve actually been trying to work out what to do in the nursery in earnest for over a year now and for some reason I kept getting stuck.  I’ve actually gone through several mood boards that I thought were final, only to discover a few weeks later that something about it just wasn’t right.  For example, here’s what I was thinking back in 2013:

Nursery Ideas Mood Board blue and orange

However, when I revisited this idea once I knew I was pregnant the colors seemed much to bright to me and I knew I wanted to go with a softer color palette.  By then I had also stumbled upon some nursery art that I totally fell in love with, so my next mood board incorporated some of the art into the design:

Nursery Mood Board Idea #2

As much as I loved this design, it was completely dependent on DH and I getting to a rather large project before we could do much in the room: installing wainscoting.  And, while I’d love to do that in the room, when we were really honest with ourselves, we knew we weren’t quite ready to tackle that project.  Not yet.  So it was back to the drawing board again.

In the meantime, we decided that for the second time around, we kind of wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl.  With Sydney, we didn’t find out until she was born, so we needed a very gender neutral space.  But for some reason, I was more than okay finding out this time around.  Once we had our ultrasound and found out we were having another girl, I found it a lot easier to make a mood board for the nursery.  I gave myself the green light to add in some girly touches if I wanted to.  The result?  This nursery mood board:

Nursery Idea #3

As I’ve been tweaking and finalizing my ideas for the space, I’m less and less surprised by my selections.  They really do fit in with my “lessons learned” from the first nursery.  I’ve been living with this new mood board with a soft blue green, peach, and gold color palette with lots of neutrals and natural touches for a while now and it finally feels “right.”  Which is really nice at T minus 15 weeks!  I’ll post more details soon about this mood board.  In the meantime, we definitely need to get to work on clearing out the spare room; the last pic I snapped looked like this!

spare bedroom mess

So, yeah…we’ve got a ways to go.  Luckily DH and I have already done some work since taking this pic, and he’s been getting started on painting all the trim.  I’ll be sure to take some updated photos soon and share them as we make progress on this space.  I’m so excited to finally be getting to work on it!

So there you have it–the evolution of a nursery mood board.  Perhaps others get it right on the first try?




7 thoughts on “New Year, New Nursery

  1. Aw I love your new nursery plan. We did mint, coral and gold in our nursery. It’s definitely my favorite room in our house.

    I’m with you on just trying to survive the next year. I’m currently sitting on the couch with my new daughter who was born just over a week ago.

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