Nursery Mood Board Details

I recently shared the evolution of my plans for our new nursery for baby #2 (see that post here) but wanted to give a bit more detail on what I’m planning to do.  Here’s the latest mood board I created for the space:

Nursery Idea #3

As you can see, I’m going to go for a light blue-green and coral color scheme with lots of neutrals and some gold thrown in.  I recognize that the mint and coral combination is pretty trendy right now, but I’m okay with that for the nursery since I’ll probably end up updating the room once our little lady is 2 or 3 years old.  Plus, I think the paint color could easily be combined with a different accent color in the future, so I’m okay committing to that color on the walls.  Here are the details of the elements of the room that I’m thinking of:

Nursery Idea #3 numbered

1: Glider: We’re going to pull in our existing glider which we purchased for the first nursery from Crate and Barrel.  It is still in great shape and is so comfy!

2. Rug: I’m planning to use the fluffy flokati rug we had in Sydney’s nursery (see pics here) in this nursery.  Since it is white it helps lighten up the room which doesn’t get much natural light.  Plus the contrast with our dark stained floors is really beautiful.  Even more important though, it is super cushy which is perfect for a room where we all anticipate spending lots of time on the floor!

3. Dresser:  We already purchased this IKEA Hemnes dresses in a glossy white.  This is actually the exact same dresser that we had in our master bedroom at our condo (see pics here) but when we sold our condo the buyers really wanted the dresser to stay so we ended up without it at our new house.  I’m so happy to have one again–it is a great dresser and has classic lines so I’m sure we’ll continue to love it for years to come.  We’re planning to put a changing pad on top of it and use it as a changing table for now.

4. Gold knobs: I can never resist updating IKEA furniture with nicer knobs.  I found these beautiful hexagonal gold knobs but at $17 each, they are much too expensive–especially since I’ll need 6!  I’m hoping I can find something similar that I love but more in the $4-5 each range.

5. Fabrics: I’m not totally sure yet if I’ll make any of the crib bedding from one of these lovely choices, but I might.  If not, I’ll probably use it for some throw pillows around the room.  I’m hoping to incorporate another spot in the room to sit that isn’t the floor since I’ll be using the glider a bunch but expect that DH and Sydney will likely want to spend time in the room too!

6. Lamp:  I really love this lamp from Target and have had my eye on it for a while.  The curvy lines with the rustic wood finish is such a nice contrast.  I’m not sure quite yet if we’ll need this lamp in the room since we’re still working on the layout, but I’m hoping we can find a spot for it!  I like to have lots of lighting options in a nursery since often an overhead light is a bit harsh.

7. Light: I’m thinking of a shaded flush mount like this one for the closet.

8. Art: These amazing baby animal photography prints from Sharon Montrose were a lot of the inspiration for this nursery design.  Soft and fluffy and sweet but yet so real and honest.  I just love them.  I haven’t totally decided which animals we’ll order or how many, but my current thought is that we’ll get three and put the in mattegold frames.  We’ll have to see!

9. I want to bring in some natural texture with some sea grass baskets.  I can never get enough of them!

I didn’t put the crib into the mood board, but we plan to use our existing crib for the space since it is in great shape and we love it.  Is is a simple sleigh-style crib that DH’s parents bought us from Target for our first nursery.

There are three projects in this room that we won’t be tackling ourselves: a blackout shade for the only window in the room, some electrical work, and a radiator cover.  I’m looking to get a deal on the shade by taking advantage of some deals with Smith and Noble (we need shades for a few other windows that I plan to order at the same time).

In regards to the electrical work, we plan to turn the walk-in closet into the changing area by painting it like the rest of the room, removing the door, and placing the Hemnes dresser in the closet.  This will mean much more floor space in the tiny room and we can make use the existing shelving in the closet to stash all the baby essentials.  However the closet currently has no light in it, so we’re planning to have an electrician install one with a dimmer.  No one wants to change diapers in the dark!

One third project in the works is a radiator cover for this guy:

radiator before cover

Our radiators normally don’t get hot enough to burn, but they have a few times, so I just don’t feel comfortable with the radiator not being covered.  We’re getting some quotes to have a carpenter build a radiator cover that will also incorporate a bookshelf that extends to the wall over to the left.  We did extensive built-in storage in our first nursery and loved it (see pics here).  Luckily this is a much simpler and less expensive project, but I think it will make a huge difference in this tiny room.

One last update I thought I’d share is that we are finally making great progress on clearing out this room.  When I posted last the room still looked something like this:

spare bedroom mess

But after a lot of work we’ve cleared it out and the room is now mostly empty (and you can see that DH has been hard at work painting all that trim!).  You can even see that we got the dresser put together already!


I’ll continue to post more updates soon.  Next stop: paint!





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