Finding space: the new craft nook

I don’t think I’ve ever shared what my craft space in the new house looked like, probably because it was really an ad hoc spot I had carved out to stash my craft supplies in our spare bedroom.  I never did much organizing and definitely never really made it very functional.  I just put in a table and stashed stuff on a bookshelf and called it a day. Needless to say, I didn’t think it was worth sharing–or, honestly, worth using.  I did a couple of sewing projects in the space but that was mostly it.  I think because I never took the time to make it really functional it just collected clutter and stressed me out.  I ended up using the dining room table for most projects, which was exactly what I did in the condo…and it was always annoying then too!

Fast forward to our huge push to clear out the spare room so we could start to make it into the new nursery for our little bundle of joy, and all the crafting stuff needed to find a new home stat.  I had played with different ideas over the past two years since we bought the house as to where to locate my crafting space, including the basement.  However the basement has proved much too cold in the Winter, so I turned my attention elsewhere: our upstairs loft.


I’m not sure if loft is really the best term for this space–it is basically just a hall that connects the stairs to the main upstairs “everything room.”  It has a bit of extra space, but most of it is tucked under a sloped ceiling so there’s not much standing room.  But the space DOES have a huge closet and a bit of floor space to work with.  Since to-date we haven’t used this space much I figured it was the best spot to carve out a craft nook for myself.

In my last post about this space I shared the little reading area I carved out using our chaise lounge and a little plant-stand-turned-side-table.

reading nook

Opposite this area was where we were keeping Sydney’s dress-up stuff.  I’m working on re-arranging the playroom a bit and I re-located the dress-up stuff to the little playroom nook (more on that soon!).  The cleared up some space for a table and voila, my craft space was born!  Here’s a shot of the space with the basics put into place:

craft nook in progress

Basically there is a wall and a tiny bit of floor space.  We moved the craft table into place and added the chair that was recently removed from our master bedroom. The one purchase I made for this space was a low TV stand (Target was having a great sale on furniture at the beginning of January!) that I tucked under the very low part of the room, which is now storing my collection of fabrics.  You can see it off on the left side of the pic above.

Once the big pieces were in I started to pull up the craft supplies.  Most of the supplies I was able to stash in the large closet on the other side of the room.  Now, mind I haven’t done a ton of organizing in there yet–I’m mostly just seeing how much this space can hold.  I plan to do a more major re-organizing at some point in the future, but I just don’t have it in me right now!

craft room closet before organizing

One other update I made to this space while I was up there was turning the panel that serves as access to the attic above our bedroom into a spot for some art project display.  Our kiddo makes about one million art projects a week so it is nice to have a few different spots to display them!

kid art display

I’m hoping to have some time to make this space more fun and less utilitarian before the baby comes, especially since I’m sure I’ll have some crafty projects to work on for the nursery and the baby.  I’d like to get the room painted, get the trim and doors painted, add some better lighting, get a more functional chair, and really think through the storage I have so that my most-used tools and sewing supplies are super accessible.  My goal would be for the space to look really nice when not in use (and not overly craft-y since this is really a hallway and not its own room).  So I’m hoping to make it flow with the rest of the upstairs design-wise.  This will also mean making it really easy to put away supplies when not in use so they don’t sit out and make the tiny space look cluttered.  That’s a tall order for such a tight space, but that’s the goal at least!

I’ll be sure to share updates on this space as I work on it in the coming weeks!




6 thoughts on “Finding space: the new craft nook

  1. Thank you for your lovely website, it is a great pleasure to look at the photos and read your comments.
    We were inspired to replicate your bookcases in our hallway, which I had previously thought was too narrow, and as a bonus now have a natural space for our collection of pictures.

    All the best

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