Playroom updates

It has been a while since I posted anything from our upstairs “everything” room.  Honestly, the space hasn’t changed much since we set it up initally.  However, we have definitely continued to add new toys into the playroom area, and our little kiddo has changed a lot in the year and a half since we moved into the house so they toys she likes to play with have changed too.  Even though we haven’t done much to the space in a while, there are definitely some unfinished projects up there!

I thought I’d share the latest updates from the playroom since the changes, even though pretty small, have made a pretty big impact.  Here’s a picture of what the little playroom nook looked like before I started updating:

upstairs play room

And here’s what it is looking like these days:

playroom upstairs

See the difference?  Well, yes, in the first picture it is definitely summer and now it is winter.  But besides that, the biggest change to the space was a TON of brush work with priming and then painting all the old brown trim white.  Lightening up the trim made a huge difference since this space had a lot of brown between the windows and the two attic access doors.  The other thing that helped lighten the space was actually adding a LIGHT to the space.  There is actually no light at all in this room except from lamps–something definitely on our “to address someday” list.  And there was really no spot for a lamp in this little nook.  So I purchased a plug-in sconce from IKEA (I think this little guy is under $20).  However the dinky pleated shade it came with was definitely not my style, so I swapped it for this fun shade that I picked up at Target on the cheap:

ikea sconce hack

It has a simple pull chain to turn it on and off.  It doesn’t give off a ton of light, but it definitely helps so we can still play up there in the dark of Winter!  You can also see that I removed the mini blinds.  I may make them into some DIY roman shades (like I did here) but that’s been a pretty low priority with all the other projects going on in the house.  Technically we don’t really need shades on these windows very often, although probably our guests would appreciate since this play nook is part of our “everything room” which also serves as our guest room…

The other update to the space was re-arranging the toys and creating play zones.  The chaise lounge I actually re-located a while back to the little loft area (which now also houses my in-progress craft space).  More recently I moved the kitchen against the window which made the space feel more like a little house–especially with the arm chair right there too.  I then carved out a little dress-up area with hooks for dresses and accessories by putting in a mirror and a hook rail.

dress up area

I used some some cute pails I had had for a while (thank you, Target OneSpot) to help hold the dress-up jewelry.

dress up area hook rail with pails

Previously all the dress up stuff was just stuffed into toy chest, but that made it impossible to organize and everything kept getting tangled.  I love this so much more and it makes it easier for the kiddo and her pals to find what they are looking for!  I still have the toy chest on the other side of the wall but I’m not sure yet if it will stay there long-term or not!

play room nook toy chest

The most recent addition is the dollhouse bookcase we got Sydney for Christmas.  It is still very much a work in progress, but it is also nice to have up here.  I can’t wait for the two of us to start finding new things to put in the dollhouse!

So there you have it–a little facelift for the little playroom nook.  Isn’t it great what a bit of re-arranging, organizing, paint, and a trip to IKEA can do?  I especially love that this entire update cost me under $30!



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