Nursery Closet Progress

I mentioned in my last nursery-related post that we still needed to tackle the nursery closet since we plan to turn it into a changing area for the baby.  It felt very much like the final frontier because we had just been throwing stuff in there for 18 months without a lot of thought.  But, we couldn’t get it painted without clearing it out so I set to work.  Here’s what we were dealing with:

nursery closet changing area - before clean out

The weird thing?  It ended up being a lot easier than I expected!  I couldn’t believe how many empty boxes and bags I found that I could just toss directly into our recycle bin–so easy!  I also found that for a lot of the stuff in there was stuff we didn’t really want to keep in the first place but just weren’t quite ready to part with at the time.  This made it pretty easy to get rid of since we hadn’t needed the stuff since we had thrown it in there long ago.

There were some things that we needed to keep which fell into two categories: one was baby stuff (e.g. the diaper covers falling off the shelf…).  These things I just re-located to the dresser in the room for now.  The second was stuff that needed to find a new home.  That second category was things like our stick vacuum, ironing board, iron, and some random non-baby-related books.  So I worked to make room for a bunch of that stuff in our front hall closet by going through it and getting rid of some coats, bags, and shoes.  The books we either got rid of or found a new location for.  The end result?  This:

nursery closet changing area - after clean-out

Amazing, isn’t it?  I can’t wait to get this space painted so we can start to put all the baby stuff in there.  This closet can hold a  lot of stuff which is great since the main bedroom is so tiny.   Most of our baby stuff is down in the basement taking up tons of space, so I’m (probably pretty unnaturally) excited about bringing it all up, sorting through it, and getting it all settled into the nursery.  And then finally re-claiming some much-needed space in the basement…

More to come soon!




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