We’ve got color!

I’m soooooo very excited to report that after a TON of prep work, and lots of paint, DH has finished painting the nursery!!  (I’m on a strict no-painting regimen during pregnancy, but DH does let me take the tape down which is almost as satisfying.)

To see just how far this room has come over the past 2 years since we bought the house I thought it would be fun to see a picture of what this room looked like when we bought the house!


And here’s what it looks like now:

painted nursery

I will admit that the color (“glass tile” by Valspar) is a bit darker than I expected once it was up on the walls, but I still like it.  It feels cozy.  Plus, once we get all the white furniture in the space, I think it will not feel quite so dark!  Another confession?  This color is pretty similar to the color of our living room/dining room/kitchen (“Silver Marlin” by Benjamin Moore).  But that doesn’t bother me either–I guess I just like what I like, right?

Here’s a pic of the other side of the room, where are apparently collecting cast-off furniture…

painted nursery 2

Even though the color is similar to others we have in the house, I expect that once we’re done with the nursery decorating that it will still feel like a unique space since our chosen accent color–coral–isn’t found anywhere else in the house (see the mood board for the space here).  I’ve been collecting things for the room over the past few weeks and snapped  a picture of some of the elements that I’m considering incorporating into the space:

nursery elements

I grabbed this sea grass basket since I’d like incorporate some natural texture into the space.  The frame I picked up at IKEA the other day (I plan to make some initial art like I did for Sydney’s room).  The fabric on the bottom of the pile is just the crib sheet from Sydney’s nursery, the middle one is a shower curtain I may use to make pillow and/or a crib skirt, and the floral one is just a baby blanket that I fell in love with.  The neutral flax-colored fabric at the top of the pile is what I’m thinking of ordering for the shade for the nursery, and the matte brass knob is what I think I’ll probably to use for the dresser.  The ideas are certainly still percolating, but things are starting to come together, which is good since this baby is not getting any smaller!



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