Keeping up with the books

We seem to have a book issue in this house.  Just when I think I’ve conqured the books, they start to pile up because we have new ones without a home.  DH and I have been pretty good about our books, but our kiddo keeps growing up so fast that the books keep growing up too!  And big kid books are waaaaay bigger than little kid board books.  Gone are the days when Sydney’s books fit into this cute little bookshelf in her nursery:

bookshelf painted white

This summer we introduced a new bookshelf into her room for her big kid books (read about that makeover here).


She was still reading some board books at the time.  But that didn’t last long.  She’s gone full-tilt ahead into regular books.  We were sort of limping along by stashing books that didn’t fit onto this bookshelf into other nooks and crannies in the room, but we were finding this meant that it was sometimes difficult for her to locate a specific book she wanted.  Then Christmas came and she got so many new awesome books…and I knew we needed a new solution.  I played with a lot of different options but there was just not any space for another bookshelf in her room unless something else left the room.  So I looked around at what needed to stay (her dresser and reading nook) and what could possibly go.  I finally decided that if we replaced her existing night stand with a bookshelf that the bookshelf could double as a night stand.  So out went the night stand:


and in went this great two-shelf bookcase from Target:

kid's room bookcase

This also means we will need to re-locate her hook rail, so I’m still working where that will go (this is where we hang her outfits for the week which is really helpful on busy weekday mornings so I definitely want to keep it!).  For now though, it is just hanging out there.  Once I find it a new home I’d love to get some art up on the wall above the bookcase!  I did add a 3M hook to the side of the bookcase that faces the bed as a spot for her to hang her robe.  It was the perfect sliver of space to carve out a spot for it so she can reach it from bed easily on chilly mornings–plus it is mostly tucked out of the way (you can see it peeking out on the left side of the bookcase in the pic above and below!).

I had fun arranging the stuff on her shelves.


I added a bowl and tray from elsewhere in the house for her scrunchies and bows so they are still accessible.  They had previously been stored in her nightstand drawer and this is way faster now in the mornings!


I also had these cute rainboot bookends I bought years ago for the nursery which help keep the stacks upright.  I also added some magazine storage for her two magazine subscriptions (HiFive from Highlights and Ladybug).

magazine storage

The magazine files were ones we’ve had for years and are from IKEA.  The label holders are just adhesive business card holders.  I made the labels from old tissue boxes that had cute patterns and added a label with the logo from each so Sydney knows where to put the High Five’s vs. the Ladybugs.  Since these magazines were previously strewn about her room I’m happy to have have them neatly corralled!

The other benefit of this new bookshelf is that we were able to move the other bookshelf out of her room so there’s a bit more floor space.

Hopefully we’ll find a spot for her hook rail soon.  I’d also like to find a spot for her to display some of her favorite artwork and get some additional stuff up on her walls, but things are definitely coming along in here!  For now, I’m just happy that we’ve gained some space and made the room more functional.  It is hard to keep up with this kid!




5 thoughts on “Keeping up with the books

  1. We do the same thing here. The girls have a white bookshelf almost identical to Sydney’s that goes between their beds. All about double duty when furnishing a room 🙂

    • I’m glad! I definitely think getting them all into one spot has helped. It is still a little hard for her to put them all back by herself, but we just put away a pile every couple of days and that seems to be working well! Good luck 🙂


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