Nursery closet progress: new light, new knobs, new closet rod

I’ve mentioned a few times that since the nursery is a very small room (just like all the bedrooms in our house!) that we planned to use the relatively large closet as a changing area rather than put a dresser or changing table in the bedroom itself.  The transformation is coming along nicely so I wanted to be sure to share an update!  Once we painted the closet to match the rest of the nursery (see the nursery color here), we placed the IKEA Hemnes dresser we had purchased against the back wall of the closet.  We actually had to take the top off in order to slide it into place since it is a tight squeeze, but it fits perfectly into the space with less about an inch to spare on each side.  I’m so glad I measured a few times to be sure!

nursery closet with dresser

I mentioned in my post with details about the mood board for the space that I had already decided that I’d want to swap out the rather boring black knobs that come with the dresser for something more fun.  I had my eye on some lovely hexagonal bronze knobs, but I knew that at $17 a pop (and with needing 6 of them) that they ween’t going to be the ones I ultimately ended up using.  I shopped around a lot and actually had a really hard time finding anything I loved as much as these in my price range, but I did finally stumble across these:


I was able to order them from amazon for under $4 each (although it looks like the price has since gone up).  Even though I don’t love them quite as much has the hex knobs, I do think they are pretty fabulous.  They have some lovely texture to them which gives the rather plain dresser a lot character, and the color is perfect.  Here’s the dresser with the original IKEA knobs:

ikea hemnes dresser in nursery closet

Here’s the dresser with her new hardware!

IKEA hemnes dresser with gold knobs

After getting the dresser into place it was time to address the other functional issues with the closet.  I removed the existing closet rod (since otherwise clothes would be hanging over baby’s head during diaper changes) and I installed a new one on the right side of the closet.  This set-up won’t work once we switch to adult-sized hangers since there’s much less clearance depth-wise on that side, but I figure by then we also will no longer need a changing area, so we can always switch back to the original closet rod set up down the road.  If you’ve never installed a closet rod before, be assured that it is a very simple process assuming you already have wood installed at the right height.  Some careful measuring, a couple holes with a drill, and a bit of hand-tightening of screws and you’re done!  Of course I immediately wanted to hang up some of the adorable tiny clothes we had collected!  Here’s the newly installed closet rod:

nursery closet rod 1

nursery closet rod 2

The other functional issue we had to address was lighting.  There was no light in the closet when we moved in, and we definitely need light for diaper changes!  We had an electrician come in for a few projects, including installing an overhead light on a dimmer for this closet.  I chose a basic drum shade flushmount fixture for the room rather than a glass one because I think they look a lot cozier.  Here’s the space all lit up:

nursery closet with light

The only down side to this is that the new light definitely illuminates the poor patch job that was done years ago on the ceiling:

nursery closet drum shade light

We’ve considered trying to fix it but for now we’re waiting to get some other more pressing projects done.  At least baby will have something interesting to look at during diaper changes.  It does make for a pretty interesting ceiling!

There’s not a ton left to do to get this closet ready now which is nice since the baby could come as early as 5 weeks from now!  I’d still like to add some hooks and some art, and I’ll definitely need to do some organizing in there to find the best spots for baby essentials (especially since we’ll be mostly using cloth diapers).  But the basics are all there now which is a great feeling!



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