Well, that’s not pretty!

Sometimes, things have to get ugly before they can get less ugly.  Case in point: we’re sloooowly working on a “for now” remodel of our 80s-tastic hall bathroom.  When we had an electrician at our house recently to install a light in the nursery closet, we had him do a few other projects around the house, including swapping out the existing light fixture for a new one.  Anyone else out there who has an 80s-tastic bathroom probably already knows exactly what kind of fixture I’m talking about:

hall bathroom new shower curtainYep–one of those horrible stick-out-into-your-face light bulb vanity light thingies.  I’m not actually sure what they are called, but boy did we hate that light!  The new light was definitely a step in the right direction, but what was left behind was definitely not:

under the bathroom light

Understandably, the electrician was not set up to totally fix the wall, although he did patch up the hole from the existing light.  I was pretty excited when I finally found time the other day to set to work on making this look less obviously like we just ripped out a  light fixture that had been there for 30+ years.  I started by removing the bits of wallpaper and random glue just using a butter knife.  Then I started applying some patch+primer…and then added more and more, making sure to sand between coats.  Finally, I got this part of the wall to look somewhat normal:

patch job where bathroom light wasI tried and tried to get it to look perfect, but eventually I had to just call it good enough.  After a final sanding and wipe-down, I pulled out the paint and gave it a few coats:

patch and paint where previously light fixture was

It certainly isn’t perfect, but it is a huge improvement.  Now we can enjoy the new light without just seeing the weird wall strip.  And the new light is great!  It is much less imposing than the three-bulb dark oak monstrosity that was in the room previously.  The new light is mostly glass to it takes up very little visual space, and it doesn’t feel like it is going to poke us in the face the way the old one did.  DH especially loves it; he said the old fixture always felt like it was going to burn his face off!

Although this is only one step of many, we’re excited that we’ve started in on this bathroom remodel!  Here’s hoping that in a few months (or maybe six…) the bathroom will start to look more like the mood board:

Hall Bathroom Mood BoardCheers,






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