A bit of re-arranging

I got the itch the other day.  The itch to figure out a better way to arrange our oddly step-shaped living room.  Though this room has seen a number of updates since we moved in, our lives continue to change as our little girl continues to grow and change.  She loves to do craft projects and games, which usually end up happening at our dining room table.  Which is usually fine–it is nice to have her close to us when we’re making meals, but it means we always have to clean up as we’re trying to get food on the table, which can be frustrating for her if she’s in the middle of something.  I’ve been trying to find a space in our living room that would work as bit of bonus space that could potentially work for craft projects and games.  So I looked to our large (but oddly shaped) living room for space.  I’m still kicking around a bunch of ideas and am trying a few things out to see how they work before buying anything.

Since the holidays we’ve had our two slipper accent chairs pulled up around the ottoman (as you can see in the pic below).  This set up is great when you have a lot of people visiting, but I was starting to get annoyed by the layout since it is usually just the three of us and the chairs were just starting to feel in the way.
living room at christmas

I’m kicking around the idea of using the slipper chairs as a sort of second seating area with a table for crafts and games.  I’ve definitely seen a more task focused spot carved out in other living room spaces, so I’m trying to find a way to do something like that in our room.  I’d love something like this:

What I’ve done for now is move the chairs and side table into their own grouping in front of our bookshelves.  Here’s a pic from a similar angle so you can see the difference:

living room arranging

And here’s a closer up shot of the grouping:

living room game table

After lugging a few pieces of furniture around I couldn’t believe what a huge difference it made in the space.  It felt so much more open and spacious!

living room arrangingOf course the placeholder table there won’t work for games and crafts–we’d need something a bit bigger for sure.  But until we figure out if this is the solution to that particular issue (and if we have room for anything bigger…), we’re already loving the new set up.  DH used this area the other day to sort the mail while sipping bourbon, and Sydney and I often perch there now and play together (there are some toys stashed in the living room—more on that soon!) and talk about her day.  The chairs are super comfy and they’re now getting way more use.

I’ll be sure to post again if we actually find something that will work with our space!




4 thoughts on “A bit of re-arranging

  1. G, I love to see your creative progress, the great photos and I enjoy your great writing style! I think your home has everything you need to welcome baby girl #2!

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