Lighting the entryway

When we had an electrician here to install the light in the nursery closet we had some other projects taken care of at the same time.  One of the projects was an update that has made a huge difference: installing an overhead light in our entryway.  There were almost no overhead lights in the house when we moved in, and even though we added a bunch during the kitchen remodel, we hadn’t yet added any to the living room.  The ideal time to do it would have been when we had the old tiled ceiling replaced with drywall, but at the time we weren’t really sure what kind of lighting we’d want, and we sort of ran out of time.  We were in the middle of the kitchen remodel at the time too so we just had a bit too much going on at the time I think!

Given that the living room gets good light during the day and we mostly use the living room for relaxing in the evenings, having a few lamps in the room has been sufficient.  I also installed some plug-in sconces on either side of the fireplace which helps light the space pretty well (this is a really old pic, but you get the idea!).

fireplace scones

It certainly isn’t bright in the room at night, but it has not been a major issue for us.  However, it has been a bit difficult to only have a lamp in the entryway (which is really just a section of the living room), especially if we are greeting guests in the evening or trying to find anything in the buffet that serves as the entry’s console table as well as storage for most of Sydney’s games and puzzles.  Here’s what the space looked like pre-overhead light:

entryway before light

And here’s what it looks like with the new light installed:

entryway light

I also love that it both adds some visual interest to the space and clears off the top of the buffet since we no longer need a lamp there.  It looks much less cluttered to me which is nice.  The black ties in to the black buffet and mirror already in the space, but the glass keeps it from feeling too heavy or imposing.  Here’s what it looks like when on:

entryway light on

We picked up this fixture for just over $100 too (it is available via Home Depot and Amazon) which was a great deal for a statement-making light.  Here’s a closer up pic:

entryway light

Just for fun, here’s what the entryway looked like when we bought the house, complete with ceiling tiles, pink carpet, and wallpaper:

entryway before

I’ll be sure to share some of the other projects we had the electrician do soon!



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