Almost there: nursery progress and new built-ins!

I know it has been awhile since I last posted any updates on the nursery, and that has partly been because once we got everything painted progress really slowed down since we were waiting on the new built-ins to be delivered and installed before we made some final decisions about furniture placement.  When I last posted a nursery update, we had just finished cleaning out the room and painting it, taking it from this:

spare bedroom mess

to this:

painted nursery

The next big step for us was to put up the crib, which was pretty fun.  Once we ha put it together, I wasted no time figuring out the bedding situation.  I decided to re-use the same crib sheets that we had in Sydney’s nursery, but to make a new crib skirt in a fun coral pattern to go better with the new nursery color scheme.  I fell in love with the pattern of this coral shower curtain with white dots that I had seen at Target, and made an easy DIY crib skirt with the fabric.  We had a traditional crib skirt in Sydney’s nursery, but this time around I wanted something adjustable so as we lowered the crib the skirt could be shortened easily.  There are several tutorials out there about how to do this, but bascially you just sew rectangles that are the right size to cover each side of the crib and attach them to the wire part of the crib (the part the mattress sits on) with ribbon.  So after a lot of measuring and a bit of sewing, I turned a shower curtain into this:

nursery crib skirt
I added a few other touches to that side of the room as well, as you can see, including the shapely lamp from Target that was part of my original mood board for the space.

CIMG5343The white flokati rug was one we’ve had for several years that spent time in Sydney’s room previously.  I also added that beautiful floor basket (a random find from Tuesday Morning) to corral toys.  I love this basket.  The colors are so perfect for the space, and it holds a lot!  I knew we’d need some additional seating in the room (the rocker is really only built for one plus a baby!) so I pushed the ottoman that came with the rocker against the wall and added a few throw pillows.  The larger one I made with the fabric leftover shower curtain fabric using my envelope method, and the smaller one is made from an adorable receiving blanket I picked up a few months ago.  It is sooooo soft!

Back on the other side of the room though was where progress was really stalled awaiting the built-in to arrive.  Until very recently, the other corner of the nursery was looking like this (we hadn’t even pulled in the glider yet):

nursery corner before built-inAnd now, with the custom built-in radiator cover and bookshelf (and glider)!

nursery built-inIsn’t she beautiful?  I was so pleased when this baby was finally installed that I couldn’t resist adding some decor right away.  I’m sure I’ll end up tweaking this area quite a bit (and definitely will need to actually hang some of the art on the wall!) but seriously it holds so much that there’s not a huge rush.  Honestly, my goal at this point was to get the nursery about 90% done so that if this baby comes early, like Sydney did, that I’d be able to relax in the nursery without seeing a million un-done projects.  And I’m definitely there with this room now, so if I don’t get to hanging up some art, I’ll be fine because at least it is out of the box in the closet.

Here’s another pic of the built-in:

nursery built-in

And another shot of this side of the room (sorry about having to take a million pics–this room is super tiny and hard to photograph!)

nursery glider and nightstand

I’m not sure that I ever posted pics from the makeover I gave this little thrifted nightstand–or of the gold lamp sitting on it.  Both were projects I did last summer.  I definitely mentioned them in a post I did about some of my recent thrifted finds.  The table was the black one in this pic; it was just a cheap nightstand that someone had painted black, but it was the right size for what we needed at the time, and for only $8 I knew I could probably pretty easily refurbish it into something nicer.  Oh, and the green lamp was one I had had for probably 10 years, but it was just sitting down in our basement because the color just didn’t seem to fit anywhere in our new house.thrift store findsPost make-over, the table now looks like this:

nightstand and lamp makeoverFor the table, I simply added some trim to the front of the drawer and spray-painted it this lovely dark blue color, and added a fun bronze pull.  I love the way it turned out–especially because it was such an easy makeover.  Same thing for the lamp–she got a few coats of gold spray paint and a new lampshade and voila–two things that are now perfect for the nursery!  I especially like that the blue ties into the bit of blue in the accent pillow on the other side of the room.  And the gold lamp gives the space a nice sophisticated element.

One more update I wanted to make sure to share is the new cordless roman shade we added to the window:

nursery roman shadeAlthough I was definitely trying to be thrifty with this nursery makeover, but built-in and shade were where we splurged a bit.  The built-ins were a splurge because we just don’t have the expertise to make something like that (that would look any good!), and the shade was a bit more than we usually spend on window treatments (it is from Smith & Noble) but we did get a bit of a deal by ordering a few other shades at the same time.  I wanted a blackout shade that was reliable and well-made and that would last, and I wanted it to be cordless for peace of mind.  And I just couldn’t DIY something that met all those criteria!

We’re excited to finally have a shade up since the window has been without any type of covering for months and months (and I’m sure the neighbors were getting tired of looking out their kitchen window in the unfinished nursery!).  DH and I are still considering added a curtain panel to the window as well.  Even though this is a black-out shade, a tiny bit of light does escape in a few spots, and a curtain would help with that.  I’ll be sure let you know what we decide in the final nursery reveal post!

So there you have it–the 90% finished nursery, complete with elements from Sydney’s nursery that we’re re-using, (crib, crib sheet, rug, glider/ottoman), DIYed elements (crib skirt, pillows, night stand, lamp), and some splurges (radiator cover, roman shade).  Though we definitely still have a few finishing touches to add, I’m so happy that we’ve come this far since I can definitely remember when this room had red carpet, beige ceiling tiles, and faux wood paneling.  It is interesting to me how even though many of the big elements came from Sydney’s nursery, the room overall feels and looks completely different.  Luckily I’m totally in love with the space and feel very peaceful when I sneak in there for a few uninterrupted minutes on the glider.  I’m definitely feeling pretty ready to meet this baby!





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