Basement progress

It feels like it has been forever since I posted any updates on our basement makeover project.  If you’re newer to the blog, our basement has been a final frontier of sorts in the fixer-upper process.  I, somewhat endearingly, call it That 70s Basement.  We had started some DIY updates this past summer, but it–like most projects–got put largely on the back burner during most of my pregnancy.  However, there are a few updates that we’ve been able to squeeze in here and there and I definitely wanted to share them here since many of them were so hard won!  For reference, this is what the basement looked like when we toured the house:

that 70s basement

We didn’t do much with the space for awhile, except for remove the carpet when we got flooded (they were just carpet remnants, not actual wall-to-wall carpeting).  We were mostly using the space for storage after we moved in, while trying to ignore the extensive use of bright yellow paint and faux wood paneling:

basement before pic

When I last posted (back in August–eek!) I had just finished with fixing up the second window, taking it from this:

ugly basement window

to this:

ugly window makeover with faux roman shade

Part of the hold up in transforming our basement was deciding just want we wanted to use the space for.  The basement is large enough that we knew it could do more than just act as a giant storage room (for reference, the basement is also home to the utility room, laundry room, and DH’s in-progress media den).  DH and I finally decided that we wanted a place to work out (potentially getting an exercise bike or treadmill) as well as a spot for Sydney to be rambunctious–especially when it was too cold (or hot) to do much outside.  So keeping in mind those functions helped as we started to clear out the space and move it more towards a multi-purpose rec room space.

After several drawings, I finally came up with a plan.  At least I think I have one–I’m sure it will continue to evolve.  The main basement room, much like our living room, is strangely laid out and is not just a basic rectangle.  So figuring out where to put stuff is challenging.  But starting with what needed to stay (our big freezer for example) and what needed to be added (exercise equipment, a TV, storage, a spot to sit, etc.) and what else the room needed to have in order to be function (lots of floor space) I started to look around for some inexpensive or free ways to start putting stuff into place.   I placed our banquette seating (previously in our old dining room) in one of the corners of the room, right in front of the updated window (please ignore the missing ceiling tile!):

basement banquetteI also pulled out the rug that had been in our living room at our condo (both the banquette and rug we just sitting in the basement not really being used):

basement banquette corner

This addressed two issues 1) it used things that were just taking up space in our basement which mean we now had more floor space; and 2) it gave us a place to sit.  Oh, and the pillows were just hanging around the basement as well–they are our outdoor pillows that we use in the summer, but worked pretty well with the colors in the rug and faux roman shade.

Of course, well-staged blog photos can hide all kinds of un-done-ness.  If I pan out, you can see what I mean!

basement progress and mess

A pile of cords on the floor?  Exposed electrical panel? Lamp in the middle of the room?  Nursery door hiding behind the banquette?  Guilty as charged.  But hey, there’s a bit of floor space, and a place to sit, which is definitely still an improvement!  Just don’t turn around…

basement storage in progress

Yeah…there’s still a lot to do!  But that area, with the vacuum, baby swing, etc., is where we’re thinking it will make sense to put some exercise equipment.  We just need to clear out some more clutter and do some painting.  And get some exercise equipment.  Ah, the list goes on!  But since this blog post is already getting super long, I’ll leave us there for today and share some more basement updates soon!




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