An old entertainment center makeover plus more basement progress

The other day I posted about some of the updates we’ve managed to get to in our 70s basement since last summer.  Although we have one corner that now looks like this (not done, but much improved!):

basement banquette

On the other side of the room here’s what I was still staring at:

basement yellow wall and paneling laundry station

Yep, more yellow, and more paneling.  I had set up a laundry station here right after we moved in, but in my attempt to make the main basement space more of a rec room, I’ve slowly been incorporating the laundry functions into the actual laundry room (so unorthodox, I know!).  The table was in our old dining room, and it finally got Craigslisted along with its six chairs, which meant luckily more space to play with in the basement (yay!).  I moved the hanging rack further into the back of the basement as well–more on that in my next laundry room post, which is hopefully coming soon!  That made space enough so we could start painting more of the basement because, you know, this looks like so much fun, right?

painting paneling

Oy, priming and painting paneling is not a quick job, let me tell you!  But that’s pretty much where we left off last summer.  I picked things up again in the basement a few weeks ago because of a rather large purchase we had made: an old media center that came with a TV for only $60!  After measuring our space and figuring it out would be perfect (once painted white and given some new hardware of course), I didn’t hesitate to pick it up.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take an official before pic, but a quick google search turned up what is basically a slightly lighter twin of what we bought:

entertainment center before

Now I’ll be honest: this thing was a BEAST to move.  We rented a truck from U-Haul to pick it up.  Luckily the guy selling it, despite being well into his 70s, was incredibly strong and incredibly nice and mostly loaded it for us.  DH is pretty strong, sure, but man was he starting to second guess me at that point!  Now, this all happened last summer.  I planned to start on it right away and then about 3 days later I found out I was pregnant, and a few days after that the morning sickness started.  DH was able to make some progress on it over the summer, but the project was definitely not finished when the weather turned cold and we needed to finally pull the car into the garage.  Then, with much swearing, DH and a dear friend of ours finally moved this guy into the basement.  And there he sat, partially finished, for a long time.

We finally picked up the project again a few weeks ago, and started to make some real progress:

entertainment center makeover in progress

I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but believe me I have big plans for this little guy!  Not only will it hold a TV so we can watch stuff during work-outs, but it will also store a bunch of my entertaining supplies (e.g. extra napkins, wine, etc.) so they are more accessible than where they currently are in the back of the basement, as well as our extra TP and tissues.  Who knew that shelves made for VHS tapes were also perfectly sized for storing rolls of toilet paper??

The other big change that I’m really excited about?  See that silver thing back there?  That is a new outlet for the freezer (and eventually, TV) that we had installed when we had a bunch of electrical work done a few weeks ago.  We no longer have to run an extension cord from the ceiling of the laundry room into this room to power the freezer!  It is the little things, right?

Hopefully I can post a full reveal of this little makeover soon!



4 thoughts on “An old entertainment center makeover plus more basement progress

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  2. My wife wants to something similar with our old entertainment center here in Kalamazoo County, MI but she isn’t the most skilled when it comes to things like this. We mustn’t forget the hope chest fiasco of ’08. I am thinking about surprising her with a new one before she gets too far along. From the pictures, I bet the big reveal will be amazing. Maybe you can give my sweetheart some tips, thanks for sharing!

    • That sounds like fun! The entertainment center is finally done, but I’ve been on a blogging hiatus since my second daughter was born so apologies for not having posted about it yet! My advice is to spend time doing good prep work (lots of sanding) and potentially using an oil-based primer. Depending on how much use your piece will get, you may want to invest in really good paint (like enamel paint)–it really does make a difference. I didn’t go that route since this was just going to sit in our basement, but if you’ll see and use the piece a lot it is worth it. You’ll probably need some kind topcoat sealer to help remove any remaining tackiness if you just use regular latex paint. I hope that helps! There are lots of good tutorials out there about painting furniture if you need additional advice, but let me know if you need more direction!


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