Bare bulb to classy closet

I wanted to share another quick update we had an electrician do for us recently.  I haven’t shared many pics of my closet in the past because it is a space I haven’t really gotten to yet.  It works, but I have big plans for it…someday.  In the meantime, it is an all-beige space that has had nothing done to it since we moved in.

master closet

I can’t complain too much though since I have my very own walk-in closet!  I okay waiting until I know exactly what I want to do with the space before updating it.  It will be pretty disruptive when the time does come to update it since it holds so much, so I want to be very ready to any plans I make into action quickly!  The only thing about this closet that really wasn’t working for me was the lighting.   The closet had a light, but it was just a bare bulb on the ceiling –and the light was good but couldn’t be dimmed.  Due to how bright the light was first thing in the morning and or in the evening, I didn’t like being in there and thus often didn’t put things away very well.

master closet bare bulb light fixture

So as long as we had an electrician coming (for the new nursery closet light, entryway light, bathroom light, etc.) I decided to give my closet a mini makeover and address just the lighting issue.  It was really hard to choose a fixture since I’m still not 100% sure how I’ll want the space to look and feel down the road when I do a full makover, but I knew I wanted something pretty that would make a statement since the room itself it pretty utilitarian and I wanted to pretty it up.  I finally landed on this fixture:

closet light

I had originally chosen a different one but it was backordered and in the meantime I found this one during a Joss and Main flash sale and fell in love.

I love how it looks (definitely a huge improvement over a bare bulb!) and I love even more that it is now dimmable.  It makes putting things away in the evenings and getting dressed in the morning much better already!

CIMG5318Isn’t it amazing what switching out a light fixture can do to a space?





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