Bigger and Better

Since the baby still hasn’t arrived but I’ve been spending a lot of time at home I’ve been able to finally get to some projects that have been on my to do list for a long time.  Many of these are projects that I planned to do as part of Sydney’s big girl room update last summer, but I got stalled due to morning sickness and never really had the time to pick them back up until now.  The first thing I’ve tackled?  Her inadequate and ruined cork board on the back of her bedroom door:

small cork board

This same cork board had been on her nursery closet door back at the condo:

cork board w/ stuffThere, it fit the door perfectly.  However, in my haste to get things put up in her room I didn’t realize how silly this narrow board looked on her regular-sized door.  Add to that the fact that the fabric was partially ruined by an art project that somehow leaked glue all over it, and needless to say I wasn’t thrilled to stare at this thing every night (the reading nook where we read stories at night looks directly at the back of the door!).  I put off addressing this in part because I planned to paint the door white and thought I’d do that first.  Now, after having painted ONE of our interior doors (read more about that here) I realized that there’s a good chance I won’t get to that project for at least a year or two.  So I decided to stop putting it off and just tackle the cork board project now.

I was frustrated to learn upon measuring that the interior dimensions of the door (the part that is sunken in a bit) was just about an inch too narrow to fit a standard size cork board.  So I had to get creative.  I purchased another set of cork squares at an office supply store, cut them to size, and then attached them all together with a regular stapler.  In addition to making the board almost twice as wide as it had been I added some additional length as well to fill the space better.  I had to cut carefully so that the cork didn’t crumble, but it worked pretty well.  I then used some fabric that I purchased last summer to make accent pillows for Sydney’s big girl room (another unfinished project…) to cover the whole board.  And just like with all my previous applications of this type of DIY cork board, I used 3M picture hanging strips to adhere the whole board to the door.

cork board and hook rail

Much bigger…and better!  I also used this opportunity to hang up an extra hook rail I had lying around to help corral some of the hangables (backpack, adorable buckets from Target’s onespot, etc.) that had been cluttering up other areas of her room.  I had originally purchased this hook rail for the back stairs in the mudroom area, but it was a bit too deep for that space (I ended up DIYing a hook rail–read about that here).  So although technically this wasn’t a completely free update, because I had purchased the fabric and hook rail so long ago it was nice that the only new thing I needed was a few cork board squares!

I’ll be sure to post a few more big girl room updates soon.  It has been a lot of fun to finally get to them and her room is much less cluttered these days which is sooooo nice!




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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