Handmade Christmas: Year 3

Merry Christmas Eve!

Though I’m not back to blogging (for real) just yet, I didn’t want to miss a chance to continue my tradition of sharing the handmade gifts I’ve been working on for Christmas.  This year I had two kiddos to make stuff for, as well as many, many daycare teachers!  I had lots of ideas of things to make, but these are the ones I actually got done before the big day.

For the teachers at daycare, I made these Nordic-themed rice-filled microwaveable hand warmers:

hand warmers DIY rice

I had a lot of fun with this project, including making a sample, picking out the fabric (actually, a flannel pillowcase!), and designing the packaging.  These are pretty easy, but I did get low on time when I found out just how many teachers had been helping out and the number of these that I needed to make doubled.  Each set of hand warmers requires 8 squares of fabric (two each for the interior bag that holds the rice and two for the outer bag, times two because most people have two hands!) and both machine and hand-stiching.  This is about half of them:

hand warmers DIY rice

For our new bundle of joy (who is now 8 months!), I started with this adorable bunny teething ring:

bunny teething ring

I used the tutorial from here; it is in French, but this one is so easy that you really just need the pattern.

I used some of the same fabric to try my hand an making an actual stuffed bunny.  This one was definitely a learning process for me as I’ve never made a stuffed animal before.  I made plenty of mistakes along they way (for example, the first time I sewed all the pieces together the arms and legs were on the inside!), but luckily this is one of those projects that looks cuter if it has that made-by-hand vibe:

DIY bunny stuffed animal

I used a Simplicity pattern, but I find that those are actually pretty hard to follow if you don’t use them frequently.  I much prefer patterns found from other bloggers as they tend to be written in a more understandable way.  But I digress!  Here you can see how the two bunny-themed items coordinate:


For my big girl (she’s now 4/1/2!), I only got to one of the projects I had planned–a new blanket and coordinating pillowcase for her to use during naptime at daycare.  My kiddo is sort of obsessed with blankets and loves to use them for play as well as for sleeping, so I knew she’d love a new one to add to her collection!  The blanket is pretty simple to make–just minky dot fabric backed with cotton quilting fabric.  For the pillowcase I used the same cotton fabric and added a contrasting fabric trim:

DIY minky blanket and pillowcase

Happy Christmas!  See you in the new year…





I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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