100 Things (and why I love January!)

Before I get too much into project I’ve completed during my blogging hiatus, I wanted to talk about what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks.  As I think I’ve mentioned every January since I’ve been blogging, January is my favorite month.  Sure, other months have great things like warm weather or great holidays, but I love January because it is the only time of year where I feel like I get to really get caught up on things (like all the projects I haven’t found time for) and I still have time to relax sometimes with DH.  We usually have very little going on with our social calendar and usually things like swimming lessons don’t start up until at least a bit later in the month.  So we have…time.  It is an amazing feeling!

Also, following all the extravagance of the holidays and all the stuff that accompanies them, I am always filled with a huge rush of decluttering/purging motivation this time of year.  (If you read other home bloggers or read home magazines or look home catalogs this time of year you’ll see that I am definitely not alone in this!).  This year I’m challenging myself to get rid of 100 things in January.  It feels.  so.  good.

I started by making a list of cluttered areas in the house that I knew I needed to go through but haven’t had the time to tackle (things like my sock drawer, the pantry, and our game cupboard).  Each night I’ve tackled another space, and as I’ve been finding things to let go of I’ve kept a list.  So far I’m only in the low 60s so I think I need to step up my game bit!  I suppose it depends on how I count though.  I’m not counting each individual unmatched sock, for example–I listed “unmatched socks” as one item.  So it is starting to be slow going.  But for the spaces I’ve gotten to already, it is so nice to open them up and see a streamlined drawer/cupboard/closet.

DH and Sydney have gotten into it too, so I’m sure as a family we’re well over 100 things by now!  We’ve already had one charity pick-up and sold a few items through our local online garage/yard sale Facebook groups.

Now that I’ve tackled the low hanging fruit, there are a a few more spaces to go that I’m not very excited to tackle.  Like the basement (ugh), the front hall closet, and my bathroom vanity.  But I plan to persevere and get to 100 things (even if this bleeds into February a bit–I still want to enjoy some couch time after all!).

Have you tried this in the past?  Did you make it to 100 things?  Do you count each individual unmatched sock?





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