Some much-needed organization (and a mini-makeover)

While I was on maternity leave DH and I tackled a project we’d been meaning to tackle since we moved in–the space under the TV.  And that somewhat small organizing project sparked a larger makeover (as you’ll see!).

When we moved in over 2 years ago DH set up our TV in this built-in we converted into an entertainment center using what he had on hand.  In this case that meant our DVD player, for example, was teetering on top of some boxes, there cords were everywhere, and there was lots of wasted space.  Here’s what I’m talking about:

entertainment center before organization

Pretty bad, right?  Let’s get a close-up look at this disastrous space:

entertainment center before organizationOh yeah–got to love that the fancy Lord of the Rings DVDs are supporting the DVD player.  How did we live with things like this for almost two years??  One word: doors.

entertainment center with doors closedSee? With the doors closed you can hardly tell there’s a huge mess inside there.  But alas, this also meant that in order to change the channel on the TV or use any of the components we had to open up the doors.  What’s more is that the storage bench I had there to hold some of Sydney’s toys partially blocked the doors from opening.  Needless to say, I got fed up with the arrangement!

We tossed around several ideas for making this space more functional, including installing shelves.  However we liked the idea of a freestanding piece since we weren’t sure what this space would be used for long-term.  Enter this simple and inexpensive set of cubbies from Target–problem solved!

storage under TV cabinet - cubbies

Okay, so it isn’t perfect–the power strip still shows, but this is definitely an improvement!  Notice what else is different?  We finally tackled something that was bugging me the fact that we never painted the inside of the bookcase!  It was still that terrible dirty beige color that was all over the trim when we moved in.  As long as we were painting the inside of the bookcase, we also went ahead and re-installed another shelf just above the TV to help balance out the space.  Love!

Oh, what’s that you say?  Something else is different here?  Why, yes indeed that IS a brand new nicer and much larger TV taking up that lovely new space!  That guy was a birthday gift for DH from his mom.  We were so excited to be able to get the TV around the same time we finished this makeover!  We are so thrilled with how this space looks and functions now.  Although we rarely get to sit on our couch and watch TV these days, when we do, we’re not stressed out staring at a bunch of un-done projects.  Hooray!

You may also notice that we moved the storage bench that had been there.  (We actually sold it this summer in our yard sale!)  That’s an update for another day though!

How about one more before-and-after for the road?


entertainment center with doors closed


built in entertainment center - finished




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