Cart before the Horse

Does anyone remember last Winter when I posted my can’t-live-with-it-anymore plans to update our hall bathroom on the cheap?  If not, feel free to refer back to this post.  This is definitely one of those projects that has been kicking around my head for way too long.  Right before my daughter’s 4th birthday party this summer I had had enough and felt like I had to do SOMETHING to make the space look better.  This is the mood board a I had been working on, including the recently replaced light fixture:

Hall Bathroom Mood Board

I had already purchased the new shower curtain for the space that and it had been sitting in the bathroom for months so I finally decided to just put it up even though nothing else in the room was done.  Of course, once I put up the curtain I realized that I really needed to change out the shower curtain and rings from oil-rubbed bronze (too dark!) for brushed nickel, since I planned eventually on having brushed nickel finishes in the room.  So I picked up a new rod and hooks too.  Buuuuut, the new white shower curtain only emphasized how dingy the rug was (in its defense, we had it back in the condo days and was probably going on 6 years old).  I tried washing it for the millionth time and drying it in the sun, but to no avail.  So in came a new bath rug too.  What did all that get me?  A surprising amount of bang for my buck since each of these little updates was super cheap and fast.  Here’s what the bathroom looked like before my crazy guests-are-coming-in-two-days bathroom decorating spree:

patch and paint where previously light fixture was

And after:

hall bathroom shower curtain


hall bathroom rug

Oh, and I of course also picked up a new toothbrush holder and tissue box cover from the clearance section of Bed Bath and Beyond.  I couldn’t help myself.  Apparently I didn’t snap any pics of those things though!

Usually I would wait until the big stuff was done (replacing the vanity, painting the medicine cabinet, installing the new floor, installing the board and batten, etc.).  I love adding the finishing touches at the very end.  However this really did help inspire me to finally get started on updating the space for real (more on that soon!).  Any guesses which thing I tackled next?




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