Family Valentine’s Day tablescape

I’m taking a little sidestep from the regular house-project updates to share one of other projects I love to do: tablescapes.  Not that I have much time for them these days, but every once and a while I get to do one.  And sometimes…I get to snap a few photos before we sit down to enjoy the food!  We hosted a family Valentine’s Day get-together this past weekend and I had a ton of fun coming up with a tablescape.  I wanted to give a nod to the holiday without it being romantic (this was a daytime gathering of my siblings and our families!).  Since Valentine’s Day decor can easily lean towards the saccharine,  I wanted to give things a modern twist:

Valentine's table

I didn’t have a ton of time but I browsed Pinterest for a few ideas while on the train home and pulled this little tablescape of red, white, and black together.

Valentine's table 4

Those chairs (for the kiddos) are junior chairs from IKEA which we absolutely love.  The white plates and silverware are just our everyday dishes, and the peacock plates were a gift years ago from DH.  I DIYed a little table runner using white wrapping paper and some acrylic paint:

Valentine's table 3

I was inspired by this DIY tablecloth but of course didn’t have time to actually sew a table runner…so paper it was!  I figured that when this got destroyed by our spaghetti sauce I wouldn’t be too sad.  I also cut little hearts out free-form from some felt I had leftover from another project.  The red napkins are ones I’ve had for years that usually only come out at Christmas time so they were excited to come out in February!

I think my favorite part though was the tulips.  Although I do love roses, I wanted something more whimsical for this tablescape and, to be honest, I’m craving some Springtime!  This was the only thing I bought for the table–some grocery store red tulips–but  I think they really helped pull together the table.  I divided the bouquet into two juice glasses, cut the stems down, and then set them into square vases with some of the extra leaves.  So simple but so cute!

tulips for valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day!



I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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