Chasing away that 70s basement

Earlier this week I posted about some progress on the floor of our 70s basement, so I wanted to keep the momentum going and post about a few other updates we’ve been able to squeeze in recently.  My last major basement update involved a ton of painting: the yellow walls became blue, and faux wood paneling became white (thanks to adhesive primer), and the overall look was a huge improvement!

updated 70s basement with painted paneling

But because I like to keep it real here at 2BB, I also had to pan out and reveal that I did not finish the remaining walls–or deal with most of the clutter (womp womp).

basement storage in progress

DH and I had decided that finishing up the basement to make it into a usable rec room space was a priority for us this Winter, so we first set to work clearing out some of the junk.  (This was good timing since I’ve been taking on my personal 100 things challenge to get rid of 100 things in one month.)

70s basement before paint 1

70s basement before paint 2

Once we had earned some additional space we set to work finally painting the remaining walls.  I was so. very. excited. about this step because those last two walls had been bugging me for about 18 months and since I was pregnant and then had a newborn, there wasn’t anything could do about it.  Until now.  And I wasn’t the only one in the family who was excited.  Even DH and Sydney got in on the action!

painting the basement

Because we only had to do 2 walls and there wasn’t a ton of cutting in, we were able to complete the painting really quickly which was awesome.  I think we did most of this during  a single Fiona nap!  Of course all the prep work took twice of long, but I completed that the previous night so we were all ready to go as soon as she went down.  The coverage from the blue paint was great (it is paint+primer)  so we only had to do one coat with touch-ups.  The paneling we knew from our previous experience would take several coats, but being ready for it helped.  I  think it was 3 coats with some touch ups, but the primer dries really quickly so we were able to finish up within a day.  And then the space had a much different feel!

basement after paint

Ahhhhhhh.  So much nicer!  Here’s another before:

70s basement before paint 1And the after:

70s basement after paint 1

You can still see the mess that is the storage area off to the right, but I do have a plan for that too (more soon!).  Next up on my list is to figure out flooring for the rec room.  A cold concrete floor is not a great floor for a play room, even one meant for active play!

I’m always so amazed by the power of a simple can of paint (and a big can of primer) to transform a room!  Slowly but surely, we’re chasing away that 70s vibe and welcoming a space that is much more us.  Yay!




3 thoughts on “Chasing away that 70s basement

  1. 2 floor suggestions: Flor tiles are gorgeous though not cheap. I got a set of striped tiles on super sale at Rue La La a couple years ago, and sometimes they have sale styles. Also another friend has foam tiles that are faux wood – they look very cool but I don’t think they hold up well in high traffic areas or shoes or such (she uses them in her kids’ playroom).

    • Hi Lauren! Yes, I do love Flor tiles–we have them in our mudroom and living room. But you’re right that they are pretty expensive. And they don’t have much cushion to them at least the ones we have). I did like the idea of the foam tiles too! Seems like they would be perfect for a play room.


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