Kid’s room art wall

Last year while on maternity leave I finally got some art hung in Sydney’s room!    One of my last updates on her room showed how we were keeping up with her every increasing book collection by replacing her nightstand with a small bookcase:

kid's room bookcase

This has worked out great so far!  But it meant that the hook rail that was there no longer really made any sense.  So, down it came, and up went a little gallery wall:
big girl room gallery wallNot sure why the lighting is so different in the second pic–clearly a sunnier time of day!  Anyway, I picked four prints from the existing stack I had (including a finger painting from when she was really little) and tossed them into frames.  I’ll probably update the arrangement at some point, but for now it is just so nice to have some art up on the walls.  It always takes me so long to decide what to put up, and then I tend to still sit and avoid doing it, although I’m not sure why.  Does anyone else have trouble getting to this point??

Here’s another pic of the arrangement closer up:

big girl room gallery wall 2

I love the mix of the girly bird print with the robot and the geometric birds next to the organic finger painting.  Now if only I could make some decisions about hanging up art in the rest of the house…




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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